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Inspiron 1520 TouchPad Troubles :\ Please Help!


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Inspiron 1520 TouchPad Troubles :\ Please Help!

  • I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I have solved most of the problem by taping a business card over the touchpad. 

  • Jinx1 , are you still using your touch pad with the card over it, or do you use and external mouse ?

  • I use an exterior USB mouse.  I am not very good at using the touchpad.  Also, when I try to use the touchpad only it acts up.  It's just easier to use the USB mouse.

  • I have this same problem with my Vostro since day one and I've infact stop using touchpad (I am using external mouse). I will PM my service tag and address to you.

    Touchpad works fine when AC adaptor not connected. But as soon as AC adaptor plugged-in, touchpad becomes useless and I have to use external mouse instead :)

    Bhavesh Jani

  • I have a machine with the same issue, a Vostro 1520.  I have tried a spare power supply, and it seems to be okay.  I see there is a place to appeal for a replacement power supply...

  • Bill,

    Is this issue still open, so to speak?  I've got a Vostro 1520 that has a psychotic touchpad, as described here.  Using a different power supply seems to have taken care of the issue.  But the power supply is a loaner, and what I would like to do is swap it out, if that is a possibility.

  • I also have had this problem with my Vostro 1500 for years and have just put up with it because I was unsuccessful in finding any real

    explanation until i stumbled on this thread today. I always thought it was the touchpad and tried unsucessfully playing around with

    mouse drivers etc. The computer still drives me bananas, with the cursor suddenly skipping around to some other area of the screen,

    often writing in parts of documents im working on or deleting whole sections, as well as web pages suddenly skipping back to a

    previous page etc


    The UPC on the adapter Im currently using is CN0XD757 48661 77H E5XU REV A03

    I had 2 adapters, one from a previous Dell Inspiron laptop which Ive since given away. They both looked alike so not sure which on was which.


    I didn't see a field in the forum profile in which to put my service tag, but this forum nick is associated with my "MY DELL" account which

    does have it.

  • I am the (mostly) proud owner of a Dell Inspiron E1505, and I too, am a victim of the erratic touchpad cursor, while plugged in to my Dell PA-10, Flextronics manufactured power adapter, and, of course, when I unplug my laptop and run it on battery power, the touchpad acts normal.

    I have been suffering through this problem for about two years now, ever since my original Dell power adapter died, and I purchased this replacement from Dell. I have spoken to Dell tech support a few times regarding this problem, and all I'm ever told is: "Update your touchpad driver", and "You should reinstall Windows."

    Well, both my E1505, and my replacement adapter are both out of warranty, and I no longer have the "benefit" of Dell support, but I never stop researching this problem, and thus, yesterday I found this thread, and; EUREKA!!! I KNEW IT WASN'T THE DRIVER!!! 

    So, , if you are still monitoring this thread, I would absolutely LOVE to receive one of those gloriously unaffected 90watt power adapters for my E1505. My Service Tag is in my Dell Community Profile. Thanks!


    P.S. AC Adapter: Dell PA-10, Model: FA90PS0-00 REV: A00, UPC: CN-0GX808-73245-7C5-5192  REV A00

  • Hi Timothy

    Did you ever get a response from DELL-Bill B ? I'm having the same issue reported in this forum and I'm looking for a replacement for the AC Adapter.



  • I am also having this issue on my Vostro 1500.  I hadn't noticed since I usually use a wireless mouse.  I originally thought it was a driver issue and reinstalled multiple times.  I finally decided to research and found this thread.  I also have a Flextronic adapter FA90PS0-00 and VP-09500025-000 REV: A00 upc CN-0GX808-73245-817-3669  REV A00.  I have tested the theory and no cursor issue on battery but charging it does.  

  • Anyone get a response from Dell on this?  I realize its been a few years, but I have one of the bad adapters and would like to get it replaced.

  • Just order a replacement adapter online, maybe $15 with the shipping.  Amazon and other similar places have them, sometimes with the Dell brand, sometimes not.  Either way, it doesn't matter.  DO NOT pay for that.  Google your model and "power supply".  Trying to get Dell to replace it is probably pointless, and will cost you more than ordering the $15 adapter if your time is worth anything at all.  I haven't had the problem since I replaced the power supply, couple of years now.

  • I am having trouble with a refurbished Dell Inspiron 1420.  The cursor the lists in the menus and travels so fast you can't stop it not even with the error keys up down end or home.  It only slows them down a bit...but then when its not doing that everything on the left of the page goes far right so you can't read what is printed the mail list or other things listed or on the main area of the web site you are on.   The cursor seems to have a mind of its own...rough cursor!!!  out of control....and it come after  you have the computer on for a few hours.   I like the computer....and its nice program Windows 7 Ultimate but really