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Battery Meter displaying incorrect power remaining under WinXP.


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Battery Meter displaying incorrect power remaining under WinXP.

  • I have an Inspiron E1501 laptop and recently the power meter in the systray has taken to displaying 30 minutes of charge on a fully charged battery. This results in a forced shut down when running on battery power. If I turn off all power management and alarms then the laptop will happily run for the entire charge on the battery. I know that there is some type of procedure I can use to sync the meter and the battery again but I can't find it.
    Any ideas?
  • open quickset and click on mobility center at the bottom.In the mobility menu click on the battery status and set it to power saver mode.

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  • Batteries only guess how much time it has left, and how much percentage it has left, the easiest way to fix this is by letting it recallibrate, which is letting it run completely dead (from fully charged), then recharge it all the way back up.
    At least i think that is how batteries work, it did work on my inspiron 1501.