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Inspiron charger not working?


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Inspiron charger not working?

  • I got my Inspiron (something or other) laptop less than 6 months ago, but now the charger is refusing to work. Yesterday it didn't work for a bit, but then i un/re-plugged it and it worked, but then it stopped working again, and it wont start at all now. The green light on the charger doesn't come on, but there are no noticeable breaks or anything on the cable/charger, and I have tried moving the cables around to no avail. I also tried using the "wall to middle" part of a different charger, which fit, and made the light green for a second, but then stops working. I reeaaally need my laptop, how can I make it work again?
  • If the LED on the adapter never comes on, it's faulty - have Dell replace it under warranty.

    If it does come on, but won't power the system or charge the battery, the mainboard is faulty.
  • Yeah, the LED doesn't come on. So how do I get it replaced? Do I ring someone tomorrow morning? Where do I find that number? Will they send me one ... do I have to send them my one? Can I get one from a store somewhere? I bought the laptop off the online store.
  • Click on Support, then Contact Us, above right.
  • i bought my laptop in 2008, and since have changed 4 chargers cause they keep getting spoiled. also the battery has a bad battery life. and its making me think whether opting for dell was a good idea in the first place. also the battery and charger warranty seems to have been designed in a way that no one can avail of it

  • i have a total of 7 changed chargers now,

  • If its any comfort about newer Dells, I've had my N7010 since Dec 2010, and am still using the orginal power cord/charger combo.  This particular model doesn't support USB 3.0, and have always been working on performance issues.

  • dells warranty is bad, i live in a rural area, my charger completely ruined my battery, and dell was useless, they wanted to meet me in person, but when i told them where i live, they told me they cant get there, so i wanted to send the computer to them to fix...... but no, i couldnt do that, cause that would be simply to easy! after that they kept calling me, and its like talking to a rock.

    in the end i gave up, all i wanted was a new charger and battery, cause they sent me the wrong one, which wrecked my battery.


  • Funny I'm reading this years before I even bought my n7010 Inspirion laptop. I'm having issues that I thought were related to a broken cord or possible broken power supply plug on the back of the box. It is idiopathic in that sometimes it charges, sometimes it does not. Now it's no longer to be counted on and I'm reviewing whether or not the value is there to pay a few hundred dollars to replace a cord that "could be the problem". Pay to have it sent back for service and be in danger of loss of data and use of the box for a week or more... and just go buy a new laptop and move on - investing the money into a new, different OEM laptop and move on. This is my 2nd Inspirion in the past 6 yrs I've purchased in the 17 in laptop class that has had the exact same issue with power supply that has made me go buy a new box before it's time... And I'm tired of hearing "it's a 3 yr old box.... it's time to get a new one" as I am a power user and need my box to make my living... Just seems that every way I turn it's easily $250 to repair or replace a part - and $1200 for a new one. Dilemma...

  • well,I've read lots of negative comments about various Dell products and maybe I've just been lucky,but my old Inspiron 1501 bought in 2006 has given me no problems, had the "G" key drop off the keyboard for some unknown reason when it was 6 months out of its 3 year warranty and they sent me a new keyboard and then rang me at night to talk me through fitting it,also a couple of batteries in 7 years doesn't seem bad to me, last battery i put in was a 9 cell sold as an upgrade for longer battery life so the old 65w power supply wouldn't put on the charging light and I was advised to get a 90w or even a 140w if i could find one,bought a Dell one from a Dell parts supplier on a well known auction site :-) £25 with free postage and all's back to normal,it's not a packed away toy either,it's on from dawn till dusk everyday this last 4 years following a few heart attacks that removed the hours spent at work out of my day,my biggest disappointment is actually this site,asked numerous questions over the years and never once had a response from anyone from Dell, I can understand peoples frustration especially when they've got real problems and get no response.