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Battery Flashes Orange Orange Orange Orange Green

  • My battery still charges and works however the battery status light on the laptop keeps flashing in the orange orange orange orange green pattern repeatedly. Also when I click on the battery charge meter it flashes the 1st, 3rd, and 5th lights 3 times then shuts off.
    Do I need to order a new battery?
    I have an Inspiron 9300.

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  • I am having this problem exactly! Only my laptop is an Inspiron 6000. All the lights flashing and everything is the same as your problem. Any advice anyone?
  • My understanding is that the "odd light display" means the LiON batteries have reached the end of the service life, the battery's internal chips have recognized this, and there will be no future charges/discharges. End of life of the battery pack has has been reached. The odd-lights will display until the batteries discharge on their own, give it some time, and you'll get no lights displayed. I usually keep one of these batteries around, to demonstrate to people what the battery will do, when it's reached the end of it's service life (have one sitting on my desk now).
    I don't think your battery is charging. Go to the power options tool bar, and the left battery should show a big X, and no %. If you take the battery out and plug it back in, while the power options is running, I'm not sure if it'll ever leave the X state post-insertion. If it does, it'll go to charging and 0% for about 5 minutes, then go back to X and no %.
  • Hmm, there must be some sort of small chargeableness between this stage and a regular battery because mine still charges and holds a charge. I ran the battery dead will all power management options off with lots of programs running to be sure it went dead. Plugged it back in and it charged back up and I am able to use it with no cord still. Either way I guess it looks like a new battery will be needed in the near future. Thanks for your input.
  • I have the same problem with my Inwpiron 9300.  Did you have to replace the battery.  Is there a danger of the old battery shorting or causing a fire?
  • Couldn't imagine the battery having issues, in that if the outter/inner lights are lighting, the battery shouldn't charge/discharge ever again.
  • Actually, I took off all the power management settings on my laptop and ran the battery dead with lots of applications running with sounds and video. The lights were still there after I did this once but after the second time, all the flashing lights on the laptop and battery have disappeared. If you try this, it might drain the battery enough to reset it and solve the problem. This is the case with me though. I would recommend taking off all power settings so that the computer drains the battery to 0% then charge it up again and repeat a few times. Worked for me.
  • Guess i jynxed myself because its all back to the original problems with the lights blinking, etc....guess its time for a new battery