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Inspiron 1520, 1720 won't wake up from sleep, standby mode


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Inspiron 1520, 1720 won't wake up from sleep, standby mode

  • Hi, I have encountered this very issue on at least 4 Inspiron 1520's and 1 Inspiron 1720. Basically I install the system from scratch with media direct, then a winxp disc, then all the drivers and windows updates. At that point, the laptop, will intermittently not wake up from sleep mode, also known as standby mode. I have been able to reproduce this on every 1520 I've seen and wonder why I haven't heard more about it. (I assume it's because most people are using vista with this laptop) If anyone has any suggestions whatsoever, please help. Yes, I could disable sleep and / or enable hibernation. I don't want to. I have tried it with the power plug in and not in and can reproduce it. I have tried it by shutting the lid or just letting the time tick down until it automatically goes to sleep. Interestingly enough, it does actually wake up from sleep and give me control of the touchpad but the keyboard doesn't do anything and eventually the mouse freezes too and the only way to shut her down is holding the power button for 5 seconds. HEEEELP!!
  • I'm having the same problem with my 1720 with Vista 32 Home Premium. Every time I close the lid, the laptop goes into sleep mode. Whenever I open the lid back up, my mouse and keyboard are frozen. I can't Cntrl+Alt+Delete or anything. Just a hard reboot by holding the power button 5 seconds. It crazy annoying. I have my computer set to prompt for a password when it comes out of sleep mode. I'm going to try disabling that and see if it has any effect. I'll let you know.
  • I tried reproducing it and couldn't find any consistent way. Like whether or not its plugged in ro whether or not I shut the lid versus just let it go to sleep. I did find this Microsoft knowledge base article and applied the patch: A Windows XP-based computer that is using an Intel dual-core processor may stop responding when you try to resume the computer from standby. Not sure if that will help you out thought since you are on vista.
  • I'll look and see if there is a Vista patch that does the same thing. I doubt it though. I did disable the password prompt coming out of sleep mode and when I shut my lid, let it go to sleep, and then opened the lid it was not frozen. But, it could be time related. I didn't let it sit for very long in sleep mode. I have a feeling that if it sleeps for a longer period of time it will still freeze. I'll try that out and see what happens. **Update** So far I haven't had it lock up any more when coming out of sleep mode. Maybe it was the password prompt after all.

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  • So after playing with it for a day or so, it seems like disabling the password protection did NOT work completely. When I come out of sleep mode, the mouse has been working but the keyboard is still frozen.
  • Thanks for keeping up to date with this.
    I also disabled powered savings modes on my video cards but that didn't do anything.
    I haven't frozen up since I installed that MS patch but I've only let her sleep like 4 or so times since then.
  • I've been having the same problem with my dell inspiron 1520. I can't find a fix either. This patch is however for XP and I have Vista Home Premium. Do you know of a samilar fix for Vista? DBo_Texas and I have similar specs. **Inspiron 1520 - T7500 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo - 2.5G RAM - Vista 32-bit Home Premium - 1680x1050 - NVidia 8600GT - 160G 7200RPM - Bluetooth - Draft N - Webcam - 85WHr**
  • Good News I was able to get my computer to awake after closing the lid by reinstalling the latest BIOS from the Dell website. For my 1520 the A03 BIOS fixed the problem. The odd thing is that when i purchased my dell 1520, it had the latest A03 BIOS installed. But for some reason the reinstallation of it fixed the problem. No problem after several attempts to freeze it up. Hope this works for everyone else.
  • That is a very interesting find. Keep us posted if the issue really ceases to come up.
  • I just did the A03 Bios update (even though mine already had A03 on it). I haven't tested it out yet, but when I do I will let you know the results.
  • Curious if you got this working or not?  I have a 1721 with the same problem.  Upgraded Bios, re- installed Vista and updated graphics drivers.  Still no luck.  Thanks.
  • Yes, ever since I re-installed the latest BIOS A03, I haven't had any problems coming out of sleep mode. Mouse and keyboard are both working without any problems. I did not re-install Vista or anything, just the BIOS. Still having problems with audio being choppy though...
  • Thanks.  I may try to install again now that everything else is updated.
  • I believe that in my case I have determined that the issue is the intel wireless card. It seems like I can't reproduce the issue if wireless is turned off. So when wireless is turned on, I guess it gets put to sleep and then when it tries to wake up and then it glitches. Weird. Still playing with it.
  • That's interesting.  I'll give it a try.  I have turned sleep mode off and no other issue except power consumption.  Many calls to Dell and in the end they do not know what the problem is.  Thanks.