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Inspiron 5100 startup "Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run setup utility"

  • Hi, every time I startup my computer (last few days) I get this message:
    "Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."
    If I press F1 --> Computer freezes at Windows Logo.
    (on one occasion - blank screen and eventually a long message (have written it down) about computer disk hardware configuration problem... check boot path...)
    If I press F2 --> I get setup, then press "Escape" and I am prompted to:
    Start in safe mode
                 ""               with networking
                ""                with something
    Or "Start Windows with last known good configuration."
    This last option loads computer normally.
    Have more info to give, but am I in the right forum before I go on??
    Dell Inspiron 5100
    Windows XP
    2.66 GHz
    30GB HD (nearly full)
    Have run diagnostics and no errors highlighted.
    Have changed boot order (to disable USB storage device which is no longer connected anyway).
  • Keep backups - your hard drive is beginning to fail.
  • Get thoose backups going bud.
  • Thanks.
    Have backed up "My Documents". Now backing up "Program files". (Using Nero Backitup on a Philips 160GB external harddrive I've been using as extra storage). Can these backup files be reloaded onto a new computer if necessary? And will programs transfer this easily and will I be able to run from program files?
    Will run hard disk check for errors. If my computer is failing... is it fixable or it just time to get a new one?
    You mentioned not to use DCF. What specific forum should I be using?