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Inspiron 1150 ac adapter port


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Inspiron 1150 ac adapter port

  • The plug port is very loose and when I plug in the ac adapter I can wiggle it and it won't charge the batter or the computer won't run off ac power.  A few minutes ago I plugged it in and is made a whistle noise and shut down.  It boots up fine.  Is it possible to re-solder that plug port onto the mother board?  Thank you.
  • Yes, though unless you have the equipment and expertise, it is a job best left to a pro.
  • Before my battery goes, how do you know if the problem is with the connection between the motherboard and adaptor or plug in part of the adaptor. I have the same 1100, I was told to replace my powercord and battery, which I did but still have the same problem--the battery won't always charge. Sometimes  if I wiggle it or turn it sideways or bang it, it will charge a little but I have never seen the battery more than 49% battery power. HELP!!!! I am ready to throw this against the wall and go back to my desktop.
  • same problem here with same laptop. what gives. i checked the power on the adapter pack and its putting out voltage. i got the battery to charge when i hooked up a ext monitor. dont ask but it works. for some reason the battery wont charge and the laptop wont turn on with the adapter plugged into wall outlet. as i type on here im losing power and i wont be able to retype or reboot. system warranty expired a few weeks ago. actually last month on the 25th of sept. bummer.
  • if i push really hard on the adapter to the plug on the laptop the icon changes from battery to power and starts charging battery. I guess i will take the mobo out and do the soldering myself. Im a trained electronics tech BUT im scared of taking the system apart. i wish there was a way to just take the back cover off and look at all the soldering joints on there. Since its loose or a cold solder joint. The soldering will take about 4 min to do and maybe an hr to take everything out. Then hopefully able to put the pieces back with no problems. Soldering part is easy the problem is taking the entire machine apart. :(   im gonna shoot some power wash contact cleaner first..  I thought it might have been the pin inside the plug going into the adapter on the laptop.  the pin looked very short inside. I looked at my i9300 and plug is the same. volts and all and still didnt want to charge the i1150 laptop. I will wait till next weekend cause i think taking the laptop apart might give me a heartattack. lolol. god i hope it goes well.
  • I am having the same issues with my dell laptop. No power etc. How did you charge your battery without the ac cord and port working. I only need to power up for a few minutes to get info out of my contacts that I cannot find on the hard drive when I removed it.
    Any assistance is appreciated.
    I am ready to through this dell out in the street!!!
  • Did you manage to power up the laptop long enought to take the info out??


    Am trying to find out the best way to do this myself.



  • nope never got the laptop to work. A friend of mine gave me his dell laptop with the same issue. i was able to pull the hdd out and hook it up to a device on my dell desktop and pull everything from the hdd on there. Invest in a eide or sata/usb device. its worth every penny. I think i paid like $40. you can hook up any type of drive to it.


    So i took the motherboards out of both laptops and the ac adapter ports were all loose. I soldered all the connections but still no go. I dont see fuses on these motherboards to replace. They must be so small that they are not replaceable. If you go to they have parts for all dells. Motherboards are expensive. As for these adapter ports on all dells they r the #1 problem in laptops not just dell but all makes. The problem is when u have the laptop on your lap and you want to show someone something on the screen and you go to turn the laptop to show your actually bending the plug. This is a huge issue. I have a dell i9300 and i just increased the warranty another 2 yrs.