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New Vostro 1500 laptop- keys hestitate

  • this all sounds quite like a problem i am having at the moment. the difference is that in my case my whole career is being ruined by it!


    ive posted the full details here:


    but in brief, it involves my djing program mixmeister fusion and my vostro 1500 (xp). after 30 mins of djing i spot the program lagging badly - the cursor will be scrolling across the waveform of the mp3 and will pause on the screen, though the music carries on playing. this will happen a few times over the next 30 mins, then all of sudden the entire thing hangs for split second meaning the music being played out also pauses very briefly (and completely destroying the atmosphere too). 


    i have not tried disabling the pcm or the hotkeys but i shall do this and report back (my next big djing gig is tomorrow night), but could i get some tips on if i'm doing the right thing first? should i just disable the pcm or the hotkeys too? i never use hotkeys, or watch dvds on my laptop (or connnect to the internet or have any other program on it).


    i am running the diagnostic tests now and there doesnt seem to be any problems. it bothers me that the dell drivers and updates page does not have the most recent video drivers, whereas the nvidia site does. why arent dell giving their customers the most updated driver? i have been told how to do a workaround to get the official nvidia drivers on my system but is this wise? 

  • thelightshineson,


    First things to do are definitely disabling PCMservice.exe and the hotkey poller for your nVidia card- NVHotkey, I think.


    Second, to generally improve system performance, you may want to disable all non-essential startup items from MSconfig. If you never connect to the interet, there's no reason to run anti-virus, so you could disable all your A/V applets. Be sure to re-enable them in MSconfig and reboot before connecting to the internet.


    Start there, and see if it helps. Let us know how it goes.



  • I seem to have the same problem on my vostro 1700, running vista. The Dell patch doesn't work because I haven't got cinema 4.7, and I don't seem to be able to get StartupCPL to work. Sould it work with vista?


    I tried running msconfig and looked for PCMservice.exe under the startup tab but I coudn't see it.


    However, I've just tried ctrl alt + delete / Task manager / processes and seen it running. I selected it and clicked end process and the lag seems to have gone.


    Can anyone tell me how to stop it running at startup if I can't see it in the startup tab in msconfig, and I can't get the StartupCPL to work?


    The other question is: how can Dell sell me a brand new computer for £800 with a built in problem that has been known about on this forum for months?

  • I have XP home edition.  Instead of typing msconfig, type services.msc

    It works in XP.

  • ok, reporting back (it's not good news). i used 'startup control panel 2.8' to uncheck 'nvhotkey' - i dont have pcm services running on my laptop, i dont think i have dell media centre either as out of frustration i wiped my laptop entirely a few months back and only reinstalled the bare bones of programs needed. i also unchecked 'nvccpldaemon' and 'nvmediacenter' and 'nwiz' as i read up on them and they sounded useless and memory draining.


    so i turn up at the venue, plug in my laptop and boot up. and nothing. it stalls at the xp screen loading screen and nothing happens. i do a hard reset and click 'boot normally' and then go into 'startup control panel' and recheck all those things apart from 'nvhotkey' (oddly enough, 'nvccpldaemon' was on there twice now, one checked and one unchecked. i deleted the newer one and rechecked the original one). i reset my laptop and it loaded up fine. 


    using my program to djing, i was pushing it quite hard, a lot of beatmatching etc, but the laptop is powerful and according to the mixmeister people should be able to handle this with ease. the first hour was fine, then i paused for 30 mins or so, and came back to do more djing. again it was fine for 30 mins but then it started going sluggish, the cursor following the waveforms was going really jerkily and if i added songs to the playlist the whole system juddered, tho thankfully the music didn't. then after 15 mins of this it did the dreaded mess-up where the whole music hung for half a second, meaning i had to stop using the laptop to dj. 


    the laptop then took an age to shut down, clicking on icons took about 3 or 4 seconds to register. it was as if the whole system was being massively overloaded and this continued even when the mixmeister program had been turned off.  earlier that day i had unchecked the indexing service, so that wasn't interfering with things either. 


    according to 'startup control panel' the HKLM/Run contains:

    intel wireless (checked)

    intelzeroconfig (checked)

    nvccpldaemon (checked)

    nvhotkey (unchecked)

    nvmediacenter (checked)

    nwiz (checked)

    sigmatelsystrayapp (checked)

    sysntpenh (checked)

    turtle beach audio (checked) - this is my external soundcard for djing 


    shoudl i get rid of any of these? i very rarely use the laptop to connect to the internet, should i uncheck the wireless boxes? how do i then get wireless to work again if i need it?


    are there any other things i should do to try and fix this? i really want to try every possible solution myself before using the dell tech help phone people.


    thanks for reading


  • Do you have contacts in Outlook Express?  If you do, they may be the culprits.  As soon as I got rid of mine, the lagging went away.



  • If you have any contacts in Outlook Express, take them out.  This fixed the lagging for me.



  • hi judy, no i don't have outlook installed on my laptop at all! it must be some other process running that's slowing the system down so intensely but i have no idea how to find out what it is
  • I was just looking at "the other" Dell Notebook forum, and saw a posting that linked to a Dell Drivers and Downloads page where there is a patch that:

    1. Fixed memory leak issue with PCMService.exe.
    2. Fixed issues with Multimedia buttons.
    3. Fixed issue with non functional volume buttom.
    4. Fixed office synchronization in embedded mode.

    One of the symtoms is "PCMService.exe consumes large amount of system memory".

    This patch was released last June!

    Is it possible that this is THE fix, and we all just missed it?

    Has anyone tired this patch?

    I'd give it a try, but things are working just fine for me with pcmservice not loading, and I'd prefer to "let sleeping dogs lie" :smileywink:


    If this really is the fix, wouldn't computers shipped since the patch was develped already include the patch? Seems that recently purchased computers still have the lag issue.

  • Bill I just purchased another  vostro 1500 with same problem.  What i cannot understand is how dell cannot figure out this problem.  It happens if you type in Windows Mail and I did not even install MS Office yet.  the one I purchased is running Windows Vista Home Preimium sp1. 


    I did not notice this problem at first.  I thought it was only on a xp computer so i did not remove the Pcm  service from startup.  Once i went to websites to pick up software i wanted and started to type websites i started to notice some hesitation.  It got worse when i configured Windows Mail and typed an email.  The keys started to hesitate more.  And it really got bad once I loaded Office 2003.  At that point i took the PCM service out of startup.  Once I did this- no more hesitation.


    I have purchased 4 Vostro laptops (3 xp and one Vista)  for clients and everyone of them had this problem.  Maybe you should type in OE or Windows mail but really type.  It seems to happen slowly.  Some program must be triggering it off because when i first got it, the first day i loaded programs and i had no reason to really type.  It started the second day.


    I think if you pull the machine and actually use it for a few days, you migh find the problem.





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  • update on my situation: same as before if not worse. i disabled the pcm thing. i even uninstalled all the extra dell wireless stuff, turned off the indexing service and i barely have anything left on it other than my djing programs but the problem is still as bad - the whole system judders to a standstill after an hour or so, leading to massive gaps in playback and on some occasions the blue screen. there's something built into the dell laptop that means it can't cope with it, which is a joke as much less powerful machines can handle this program with ease.


    i am absolutely dreading having to speak to the dell phone people as i've heard how awful they are in the past. and for some reason they had deemed that their customers can't email them about the vostro range directly (perhaps because the dell vostro is so riddled with flaws that they'd be inundated with mails?). i am at my wits end. don't know what to do about this. i can't spend another thousand pounds on a machine and can't afford for it to be sent back as i'd be left without a djing machine for the weekends. i know i'll never ever purchase anything dell-related again and i'll encourage other's to do the same.

  • This is crazy...Dell should fix this problem - it should not be up to the consumer to figure out a solution.

    Disable this, disable that....if all of these items can be disabled what are they doing there in the first place.


  • Thank you Dell-Bill B! I have been struggling with this problem (key hesitate) for two weeks. I have visited multiple forums: Dell, MicroSoft, independent. I did a System Restore which took a full day and the problem persisted. This is the first mention of the Hotkey poller that I have seen. PLEASE make it the first thing users see when they search for Keyboard Lag-hesitate or Slow Keyboard. Tell them where to find it and how to turn it off. Better yet, find out where the conflict is and issue a fix. This computer worked fine for the first year and a half of its life. No new software was loaded before the problem occurred. Going back to a restore point prior to the initiation of the problem did not fix it. The keyboard problem was only one of many odd problems that started at the same time. Virus and Malware scans turned up nothing. The System Restore solved all of the problems except the keyboard lag.

    BTW, I have an Inspiron 1501, 1 meg, AMD, ATI. It seems to be working OK now.

    Thanks, GRJoe

  • Thanks, GRJoe,


    I have been trying to convince folks to see what happens when HotKey Poller or NVKey are disabled with PCMservice running. I really think the issue is the interaction between either of those two programs and PCMservice.


    I have escalated this issue on 3 separate occasions. Still no word on a possible fix.



  • Except that... my version of the 1501 does not have PCMService! (I'm pretty sure, that was a couple weeks ago that I looked for it.).

    Thanks, Joe