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Don't know how to disengage touchpad when external mouse plugged in

  • I just installed Windows Vista and when I plug in my Microsoft wireless mouse, I'm unable to disengage my touchpad like I did when I had Windows XP. I know this sounds silly, but I can't figure this out. When I check with Help and Support, it talks about "Touch Pen" not Touch pad and the instructions don't work.
    Any ideas? I just want the touchpad to shut off when the external mouse is plugged into the USB port so my pointer icon doesn't keep jumping around when I type.
  • go to control panel.. mouse... dell touchpad ... click on the picture .. device select... and there is a box to click on the bottom of that screen ti turn off the pad when a usb mouse is present.
  • Thank you for the reply, however that doesn't work, and is why I am having a problem. There is no "Dell Touchpad" listed under the control panel. I think the touchpad is listed as a PS/2 mouse, so there is no way to turn it off when external Mouse is present. This happened after I downloaded windows Vista.
  • OK.. If you have run an installation utility for your mouse, uninstall it. (Like MS Intellipoint 6.1 etc...)The Dell Touchpad will show up and you can use it, then you can reinstall the mouse drivers (if you really need then, usually not!) Thats what I had to do and now its running likie a champ and no problems with the touchpad when the mouse usb controller is plugged in!
  • I just discovered the problem and solution, so I will post it here for anyone else experiencing similar issues... When you upgrade your O/S to Vista it will delete many programs and drivers that it thinks might not be compatible. In my case, one of the drivers to the touchpad was deleted. I had to go to the Dell support site and plug in my laptop Service Tag number. It then showed me all of the original drivers and updates to other drivers. I downloaded the touchpad driver, and reinstalled many drivers that were deleted from my laptop. Problem solved.
  • Glad to hear its working. I have found it is real messy to "upgrade" over Win XP. A fresh install is almost always the best route on installing a new OS.