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Cannot detect webcam


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Cannot detect webcam

  • I've recently bought a XPS M1330 with an integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam attached to my LCD monitor, but it seems that my notebook cannot detect it. I've tried opening programs like Dell Webcam Center and Creative LiveCam and both gave me the same results that no webcam is detected.
    What seems to be the problem? I am using Windows Vista by the way.
    Thanks in advance.
  • i would start with the device manager and check to see if integrated webcam is listed under imaging devices. might need to update or delete and reinstall the driver.

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  • Checked the device manager, but could not find any imaging device. I installed the webcam driver from  but still doesn't work.
    Any other suggestions?
  • I too have problems. Normally does not detsct camera, sometimes after reboot detects but shows a negative image ie all green and wierd.
    On two occasions it worked just fine. Not that important to me be would like it to work since I paid for it.
  • I emailed Dell the other day, and they told me to run the Dell Diagnostics Test to see if the camera is functional or not. After the initial tests, you'd have to run a custom test on the camera (located under "USB Input Devices" ). If it has problems or you cannot find it under that heading, then the camera is defective and you have to bring your laptop back to Dell for camera replacement.
    I hope that solves your problem Funster2, at least your camera works occasionally! I plan to bring my laptop back to Dell once I am free with it.

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  • Thanks for the tip, did not know about dell diagnostics. The omnivision sensor communication test returned error code 6600:0219 and then 0X00000020. This was with fully charged battery and power pluged in. Thr camera worked fine after the test but is now on the blink again. I'll email Dell and see what they recommend.