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How long to charge new battery

  • Hi there,
    I recently read on this forum about how when you get your laptop for the very first time, you should charge your battery for 12 hours. Now if you look a the Owner's Manual as well as the setup guide, they both say charge it till its full. I remember hearing that on a HP notebook, you have to charge it for 12 hours initially. What about Dell's battery? I have Inspiron 640M/E1405. Thanks for any advice.

  • All batteries you get from dell all 40 to 60% charges so a hour or so will get you a full charge.
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  • On new batteries run the notebook on it immediately down to about 10%. Do that a few times and it will condition it. Then be sure to run on batter a few time per month to run the battery down. If you run the notebook with the battery in and a/c adapter connected all the time it will eventually kill the battery.
  • SlamX,
    Thanks for your reply. I was wondering, if you only condition the battery once a month instead of several times a month as you mention, and keep on doing that for about a year, is it possible to damage the battery? If so, how and why? I don't use the battery at all, so I've been conditioning them once a month by depleting them completely, then charging it up to 100%, then depleting them to about 40% and putting it in storage. But what I've noticed is that when I used the battery for the very first time, it ran at 6-7 hours or so. But the second time around, which was a month from the previous time it was used, I only got about 3. since then, it's about 3hours or so. Also it's been making these high pitched sounds every time it's in use (on its own), but not when it's being charged, and together with the AC adapter working.

    Thanks for any advice in advance.
  • Don't know about the high pitch sound. It is better to use the battery a few times per month to keep it conditioned. It won't hurt it and will give it longer life than storing the way you are now. May want to post a separate thread on the sound you hear when running on battery only.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for getting back to me. What makes it better for the battery to have it conditioned several times a months? and what happens if you don't do that as much? I'm asking this because I would like to learn more about batteries and how to make them last longer.

    Thanks again.
  • Simple: Batteries are made to be used. If the chemicals inside are not interacted they deteriorate.
     I am no expert but by my experience and reading articles over the years this is what I have found to be true.
    So use your battery and enjoy your portability.
  • this is a good read Calla Lily.
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    Thank you both for your advice.
    I'm reading the article right now...
  • This is a good article on what a battery is now days.
  • Thank you very much for this article. I never knew this about the battery.It's good info. Now I know why my IBM Thinkpad died.
  • rebelsgirl, glad to help.