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Inspiron e1705 Loose Screen

  • i have an inspiron e1705 and i am wondering how i can tighten the hindges. i have looked online for a manual and i can't find anything on tightenign it so can someone please help me
  • There's no way to tighten them. They are not expensive to replace, however. Dell Spare Parts 1-800-449-3355 ext 7269937
  • You can replace them by ordering and replacing the back panel to your LCD, its the whole back plastics and it comes with the hinges attached, of which you have to remove and place your LCD assembly into the new back plastics, not too hard, but if your not comfortable doing it, I hope your system is under warranty... ALSO, the screws may just be loose (4 screws generally hold the display on) of which are located UNDER the Keyboard Bezel (the square block of plastic running along the top of your keyboard along the screen bottom)... You can take that off by putting a flat edge knife or other flat object under the right corner where there is an indention, and prying it up, don't be scared, the plastic "clips" are tough, and even if you break one, it will still go back on, there is plenty on it so you can break a couple before needing to replace that.. Under there, you'll see the metal hinge arms and the screws holding it to the Laptop chassis, simply use a small toolkit and tighten them if they are loose... If the screen is STILL loose, then you need the backplane as I described earlier, but keep in mind, even after replacing that, it may still be loose, some models just have looser screens then others, like my Inspiron 9300 screen is REALLY tough and tight, but my Latitude D600 is always loose, even after replacing the backplane.
  • thank u guys so much i tightned the hinges under the lcd cover and it seemed to fix it. thanks
  • No problem, great to hear everything worked out!