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Insipron e1505, Flashing amber/orange battery light


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Insipron e1505, Flashing amber/orange battery light

  • I have a Dell Inspiron e1505 thst is 1 year, 2 weeks old (and therefore the warranty period is over, naturally). The battery light indicator flashes amber/orange four times, then green once, and repeats. Contantly. This happens with BOTH of my 9-cell 85watt batteries.

    I've read the forums, and the general consensus is that the batteries need to be replaced. I've verified that yes, this could be true. The batteries are only capable of charging at 44% and 50% of their original capacities. (Yes, the light meters on both of the batteries all light up when pressed.) However, that still gives me well over 2 hours of time from each battery.

    WHY would I want to buy new batteries when they still provide plenty of power? I think this is unacceptable that Dell is pretty much forcing me to buy a new battery...

    SO my question is, is there anyway to DISABLE this blinking light that does NOT involve purchasing new (unecessary) batteries? My current solution (tape) is not satisfactory.

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  • Dell has a very good reason for telling you to buy a new battery.  If one of the cells in the batteries is bad, then the batteries can damage the computer.  Trust me on this one, your computer knows best!:smileywink:
  • I have the exact same issue. My warrenty was up about 2 weeks ago. I had to replace the original battery in my system in October. So this new battery is only 8 months old. My problem is that it still holds charge. It recharges up to 100% and has a battery life of 5hours. BUT that little light is flashing amber three times and then green. When I contacted tech support, since it was no longer under warrenty I got referred to the expired warrenty support line, but you have to pay for their help and the phone transfer system wasn't working.  
    I think the light is set to go off about the time the system turns 1 year old so all old batteries get replaced whether they need it or not.  I'm annoyed because I hardly ever use the computer with the battery. I try to run it plugged in and even so, I guess I am going to have to replace the battery, because every post I see about flashing lights means the battery needs to be replaced. I am disappointed.
  • I also have the exact same problem. It started flashing last week when my computer turned 1 year and 3 weeks old. What a coincidence right? NOT. Obviously, Dell is pushing for additional sales. My battery is perfectly fine and I refuse to replace it . I just want the flashing to go away. What have you guys done? Thanks.
  • I would replace the battery!
  • My great solution was to cover up the light with tape.

    "I love dell" please stop advising us to get new batteries. That's not what we're complaining about. Dell representatives, as well as little "pop-up" messages on my dell even told me the batteries are fine...they have just come to the end of their usable life-cycle.

    However, I don't think a battery that lasts nearly 2 hours is worth replacing, especially not when I have two of them.

    All we're asking is how to make this obnoxious blinking light stop. Yes Dell, I got it, you want another $129 for me. Must you really nag me every second?

    I also think it's unethical that dell would purposely code it so that the light blinks almost precisely on a laptop's first birthday, apparently even if the batteries are younger (as described above.)

    How are more people not enraged by this!?

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  • I am just telling you what I am told to tell.
  • All,
    Neither the lights on the battery, nor those on the system are coded by Dell to flash when your warranty is up.  Flashing lights on the battery generally mean that one of the cells in the battery has failed.  Please check the charge directly on the battery, using the button and lights on the battery.
    Flashing lights on the system indicate a problem with the power system.  This could mean the battery, the power circuits on the motherboard, or the AC adapter.
    The way you turn off the flashing lights, is to fix the problem that is causing the flashing lights.  There are no instructions for just turning off the lights.
  • HMMPH.
  • When the computer is plugged in but has no batteries installed, NO lights blink. Does that not imply that the motherboard, power supply, and AC adapter are all working correctly?

    However when EITHER battery is installed, the lights blink on the PC. The lights on the actual battery themselves, all light up when they are fully charged. (Although, the batteries no longer charge above 97% or 98%).

    So you're telling me that BOTH of my batteries, which were NOT used equally this passed year, have gone bad at the SAME time?

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  • GRRR
  • "I love Dell"...your 'GRRRs' and 'HHMPs' are not very polite or useful. If you nothing helpful to add to the discussion please refain from posting as I don't have the abundant time to frequent this board as you apparently do.

    Is the 'official' answer really that BOTH of my batteries have simultaneously gone bad at the same moment in time by coincidence? 2 weeks after warranty expiration? Just as multiple other people have experienced?

    As I said above, the light on my Dell does NOT flash when batteries are not installed, so I have to assume the 'issue' is with the batteries.

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  • Use dell chat, please!
  • Dell chat? I can't, my warranty is expired so it doesn't let me.
  • It will let you.  It let me!