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Inspiron 1150- rufusing to turn on!


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Inspiron 1150- rufusing to turn on!

  • Hi! :) I am having serious trouble with my Dell Inspiron 1150. Earlier today, the AC adapter seemed to start having problems. I have it set so that the screen brightness is full when on battery, and on lowest brightness when the AC power is plugged in. the computer began to keep changing brightness every 5 seconds or so, evidently meaning the AC adapter was keeping getting disconnected. I tried holding the AC cord in the exact same spot (it was not moving at all), and the same thing still happened. (note that green light is staying constantly on on the AC power thingee, and i have tried it on multiple power points). I taken out the battery, and plugged in the AC cord. This made a green light flash on the left, and the yellow battery light constantly flash. So, it seems to detect that the AC thing is plugged in. However, if i try turning it on like this nothing happens. So i go and find my Dell manual, and try and find out how to fix this. When i go to turn on my laptop again, (with battery in). the screen no longer works at all. The green power light comes on, and it makes noises like its starting up, but the screen just stays blank. (caps lock etc are not working/lighting up on keyboard either). So, i went back to the manual, and saw that it suggested taking out, then reinserting the RAM, if the screen fails like this. I tried this, and it made no difference. A few hours later, i notice that it suggest holding the function key, and turning it on, to run dell diagnostics, so i try this, and the screen light up, however it seems to pause in the boot (dell screen thing) , since it is not loading/moving at all, so i turn it off. However when i try again, now the function thing fails to turn on my computer/the screen also! I have also tried connecting to an external monitor, but it too does not load/work. Note that about a year and a half or so ago, i had a problem with the adapter, where it would just not charge at all. However, Dell sent out a technician for that, and afterwords the computer charged again, although you had to ensure that the AC cord was plugged in in a certain way/angle, otherwise it would not charge. (before it used to always charge, no matter what position/angle plugged in at). Any help would be fantastic, thanks, :)
  • seems like you're having a power connector issue. ( were you connect the power plug in the back)
    it happens generally over time, a connection goes loose and gives you what you're experiencing know. Power is not reaching your computer.      The adapter wires, have you checked if there's any fraying on the cord itself?
    You didn't mention if your battery charges well while plugged or if you've been having problems with the battery at all.
    You mentioned that you tried doing the diagnostics, and that it stops at what point?
    I say you may need servicing to be able to fix your problem.
  • In regard to the adapter wires, yes there is some fraying towards the end of the cord, just before it lugs into the laptop. Currently, nothing is charging at all, power seems to be reaching it to turn lights on whilst AC plugged in, and battery out (but it wont start up), however these lights go off when the battery is plugged in. The battery seems to be fine, it appears to turn on fine (makes noises and light comes on) when you turn on with the battery, its just that the screen and keyboard don't work! Also, i don't think it is under warranty any more, it is only covered by "PCSWS", whatever that is. Thanks,
  • For now, I say we should try to isolate the issue. ( i really want to help)
     Eliminate the possibility that your adapter is causing the problem. (we must get a "known good" power adapter for test.)   can you borrow from anybody?   - or this will leave you with no choice but to buy.
    Now, about the connector itself- the one on the laptop. Its not loose or anything, is it?
    The computer goes through 2 processes after you press the power switch.  
    It goes through POST   (power on self test)   and then the actual booting   (when you see the windows logo.)
    Will you do this for dont have to do this, if you dont feel like it.
    take out the memory and power it up. POST will detect that there is no memory installed and it should give you "beeps".  ( if you can also take the hardrive, the cdrom, and the modem daughter card out - and start the computer..) gives you the same thing   it will "beep" AND actually tell you that these are missing.
    Getting this results will tell you that the system is POSTing - and this is good.
    Now try to put one component back in one at a time.....   see if your getting the same results for each. It will tell you that its ONE less missing after putting a component back in. ( put the harddrive back in last)

    Theoretically, the computer should BOOT up now.... show windows if everything IS normal.
    If its not doing what its supposed to, well, i think you already have an idea which component is causing the problem.
    heres the manual for your reference when taking it apart.
  • ok, thanks for the help, at the moment, getting another AC adapter is probably going to be a problem, does it have to be a Dell one, and does it have do be a certain type or anything? I removed the RAM, and the dvd drive, and tried to boot up the computer, however it did the same thing as before, it DID NOT BEEP at all, just made usual noise, and the screen failed to load. I put them both back in ad tried booting again, and still had same problem. (however the dvd drive does open and close when you press the button whilst the pc is on). Also, I am confused how it worked one time in the Dell diagnostics boot (holding down function and turning it on), like the screen came on and everything. However, then i turn it off and try again, and now dell diagnostics does not work any more???? So, what should i do now?
  • Hmmmm..... its hard to say, but i think that your board is fried.
    BUT We still need to check the ac adapter though.
    Its a gamble you have to take-  get an adapter to test it. (only to find out that its fried)   OR  just assume that its fried and buy another computer.:smileysad:
    You didnt mention if you took out the Hard drive. Try doing that along with the Modem Daughter Card.  (check the link i sent you for specifics. )
    Obviously, something is causing it not to do the POST. It can be either one of those removable components. After exhausting all effort.....then we can surely say that it is the mother board.
  • what could have caused the motherboard to fry? also, how expensive would it be to buy a new motherboard? also: found this site offering motherboard repairs: would you suggest using them?

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