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Latitude D620 BSOD caused by driver?


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Latitude D620 BSOD caused by driver?

  • Hi there!
    I have very similar problem like this one described at [] (Bill has this problem on Dell Dimension 8200). My NB stops with various errors (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M) usually with some call in nt!KiFastCallEntry. This looks like some bad driver (with some invalid IRQ or somehting like that), but I don't know with one is bad.

    Usually this errors (BSOD) appear when doing some stressfull situation on audio/video hw (playing more sounds - like some mp3/video + some window sound, compressing video or even running directx game).

    Computer is virus-free (Symantec Antivirus, spyware-free (AdAware, SpyBot, Windows defender), with all windows updates (Windows XP Professional SP2).
    NVidia drivers are last from dell support (NVidia Quadro NVS 110M, HW has been tested by the original Driver & Utitlities CD with no resulting errors.

    I don't update BIOS yet (v A04), but I will try to update it right now (to A07).

    Do you have some idea, where could be the problem?

    Thank you for reading,
  • I don't know what the blue-screen is, but i would try F8 at boot then select Last Good Known Configuration. Then afterwards run a scan-disk, there could be a bad sector on the drive.
    Hopefully someone who knows allot of infomation of BSOD's might be able to help more.
  • Sometimes having a driver conflict will give you the blue screen of death.
  • My fault - I did not specify it well: I have no driver conflict in Windows system panel (I don't have english system, so I don't know the exact name of proper english term). I didn't made any driver changes before this issue (only windows and other application updates) - so the reverting to last known settings has no result.

    I tried to deny lot of unneccessary hw in bios (wifi, bluetooth, modem...) but with no change. Maybe I will try to deny also audio (which I think is the root of my problem).

  • Do the bios update to A07 then see what happens. I had issues until I had the latest bios as well.
  • BIOS updated to A07 and system crashed (BSOD) directly after reboot. :(
    Second reboot is without BSOD and I am examining the minidump.
  • Well, I had tried to switch the full memory dump and computer crashed when playing the DivX video. I have some analysis, but I cannot found any problem (I may post them at some server if here is anybody, who is able to study them).
    Any ideas are welcomed.
  • I just disabled the "SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC" in system properties and actions which always shows the BSOD (video compression) now passed without any error. Googling this driver with BSOD keyword results in more similar problems (also with MS Vista). It looks like this is my "trojan horse" :-/
  • Hm. Another testing and another BSODs. Right now is system crashing on nv4_disp.dll. I have tried MemTest 68+ v1.65 and it shows some error in memory banks. I hope this is it, because otherwise I don't know what to do...

    Some log from minidump (if anybody is interested in)
    Unable to load image nv4_disp.dll, Win32 error 2
    *** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nv4_disp.dll
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nv4_disp.dll
    * *
    * Bugcheck Analysis *
    * *

    This is a very common bugcheck. Usually the exception address pinpoints
    the driver/function that caused the problem. Always note this address
    as well as the link date of the driver/image that contains this address.
    Some common problems are exception code 0x80000003. This means a hard
    coded breakpoint or assertion was hit, but this system was booted
    /NODEBUG. This is not supposed to happen as developers should never have
    hardcoded breakpoints in retail code, but ...
    If this happens, make sure a debugger gets connected, and the
    system is booted /DEBUG. This will let us see why this breakpoint is
    Arg1: c0000005, The exception code that was not handled
    Arg2: bf8495d7, The address that the exception occurred at
    Arg3: ae8c3030, Trap Frame
    Arg4: 00000000

    Debugging Details:

    EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - Instrukce na adrese 0x%08lx odkazovala na adresu pam

    bf8495d7 8b580c mov ebx,dword ptr [eax+0Ch]

    TRAP_FRAME: ae8c3030 -- (.trap ffffffffae8c3030)
    ErrCode = 00000000
    eax=000000c4 ebx=ae8c30ec ecx=ae8c322c edx=ae8c30ec esi=ae8c3340 edi=00000000
    eip=bf8495d7 esp=ae8c30a4 ebp=ae8c30b0 iopl=0 nv up ei pl nz na po nc
    cs=0008 ss=0010 ds=0023 es=0023 fs=0030 gs=0000 efl=00010202
    bf8495d7 8b580c mov ebx,dword ptr [eax+0Ch] ds:0023:000000d0=????????
    Resetting default scope





    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from bf02fd68 to bf8495d7

    ae8c30b0 bf02fd68 ae8c3340 ae8c30ec bf04ba80 win32k!PATHOBJ_bEnum+0x34
    WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
    ae8c30f0 bf831faf ae8c3108 00000000 00000000 nv4_disp+0x1dd68
    ae8c312c e110a350 ae8c3340 ae8c31b0 00000000 win32k!RGNOBJAPI::bSubtract+0x5dc
    ae8c317c bf8fa7e1 e110a350 ae8c3340 ae8c31b0 0xe110a350
    ae8c3444 bf849cf0 6d012d0a 0006ec60 0006ec48 win32k!NtGdiFastPolyPolyline+0x5e1
    ae8c34e8 8054078c 6d012d0a 0006ec60 0006ec48 win32k!NtGdiPolyPolyDraw+0x34
    ae8c34e8 7c90eb94 6d012d0a 0006ec60 0006ec48 nt!KiFastCallEntry+0xfc
    0006ec38 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0x7c90eb94


    bf02fd68 ?? ???


    SYMBOL_NAME: nv4_disp+1dd68

    FOLLOWUP_NAME: MachineOwner

    MODULE_NAME: nv4_disp

    IMAGE_NAME: nv4_disp.dll


    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_nv4_disp+1dd68

    BUCKET_ID: 0x8E_nv4_disp+1dd68
  • Gosh I wish I could narrow my BSOD errors on my D620 down that far. It has had the motherboard, processor, RAM, and hard drive replaced, and the problem continues. I have the modem uninstalled (physically), and the last things to try are the bluetooth and wifi (Intel 3945) cards. Sometimes the laptop will last for a day or two, other times it crashes every 10 minutes. It'll crash when I'm not doing anything at all, and the stop errors aren't usually the same. Sometimes it references a usb driver, sometimes graphics, sometimes memory.. I would always try re-seating the memory when it happened, as when it occurs in Linux I get the keyboard LED flashing pattern indicative of "No Ram" (steady numlock, flashing caps and scroll). I'm using BIOS A08 with the latest drivers (Windows and Linux). I ran Memtest86+ 1.70 for a day before with no errors, but this time I am going to test each RAM stick individually (I've been running on just a single 1gb stick for the past week and the problem didn't get better or worse). The computer might as well have been a paperweight (albeit a very large and obnoxiously heavy one) since the day it was purchased.

    - Core2Duo 2.0GHz
    - 120GB hard drive
    - NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110m graphics
    - 2x1GB DDR2 (667mhz capable)
    - Intel 3945 WiFi - Dell Bluetooth Module
    - Modem removed from system
    - OS: Windows XP SP2 (blue screens all day long)
    - OS: Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 3 (kernel panics with the same frequency)

    The system lasts longer in Linux than Windows, which points toward a wireless card issue since I don't typically use the wireless card in Linux ( bug in the Intel driver and networkmanager prevent it from staying connected to WPA2-AES networks). I know of at least 10 of my coworkers who also have a D620 with the Intel wireless card, so perhaps I just got a lemon? Is there something like Memtest but for.. a wireless network card? I have to have done 'sufficient' troubleshooting before requesting a replacement via Dell WPD.

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  • As I wrote in my last post, my problem was in bad memories. Funny thing was that MemTest didn't found problems everytime. But usually it found errors right at the begining of the test, so it was easy to reproduce - I just have to restart it several times and errors jump out. Right now I don't have more annoying errors and blue screen, just small one - like bad hw "switch" for wifi/bluetooth, which is very sensitive - if I just touch it, it switchs on/off the wifi. IMHO is D620 not very well manufactured laptop (my last Inspiron 5650 wasn't as powerfull as this one, but was more stable than this Latitude).