Replace keyboard on laptop Dell Latitude D800


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Replace keyboard on laptop Dell Latitude D800

  • How much would it cost to replace a torn keyboard? There is no warranty on the computer..
    And how much does a new battery cost?
  • Keyboard:

    A new battery should be about $100

    Dell Spare Parts 1-800-449-3355 ext 7269937
  • How much would i cost to get someone it installed?¬†Does dell have somekind of deal where I send you my Dell and you fix it? :)
    And I currently live in Sweden, europe, so is there any differences against USA?
  • Check with a local computer shop. A keyboard replacemnt takes about 10 minutes.
  • Thx, that sounds good!
    Im pretty good with computers but not on laptops, do you think I can change it myself?
  • I think it is the easiest part to change. Here's a link to the servicehandbok (in Swedish language):