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Bluetooth - Not Discoverable

  • I cannot connect my mobile phone to my PC. I don't see that my Inspiron 9300 PC has a Bluetooth device, although I know it does have one and the little blue bluetooth icon is lit.

    Specifically, I go into Bluetooth Devices, Options tab, and click all boxes including "Turn Discovery on", and then click Apply. I get the following:

    Bluetooth Service Error
    An error occured while Windows was saving your settings. The following settings were not saved discoverability settings connection settings:
    Discoverability settings
    Connection setting

    Aaargh. I have surfed the web and found others with this problem, but have not found ANY solution!

  • Have you checked that you have the most recent drivers for your Bluetooth Config?
  • I am not sure how to do this. I have tried:

    1. In Bluetooth Devices there is nothing listed under Hardware tab.

    2. In Device Manager I do not see the bluetooth logo. If I select menu View > Show Hidden Devices, I get "Bluetooth" with a little green PC-card logo instead of a bluetooth logo. If I click the plus sign, I get "Bluetooth RFBNEP/RFBUS/RFCOMM/RFHID from Toshiba", again with the green PC card logo. Right clicking on one of these and selecting the option to update the driver automatically does not work.

  • Your Bluetooth device SHOULD have come with an instalation CD, but some don't, let me know if yours did.
  • lol
    im stuck with you there
    my friend just got that phone and i tried to hack it while he was talking in the other room and realized that the bluetooth wasnt working, so we spent a few days tweaking around and came up with nothing....try the motorola website and troubleshhot there
  • I have tried the Motorola site to no avail.

    So I still need help if anyone out there can help!!
  • Install programs is not the solution...

    My PC came from Dell with Windows preloaded and tons of useless programs. I assume it should have included bluetooth.

    I wish to synch with a cell phone, a Motorola Razr V3, which certainly does not come with an XP installation disk as it does not "install" on the PC, only connect with it using bluetooth."

    ... help still needed.

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  • did you find the answer to bluetooth discoverability settings? I need the answer also.
  • Never did find the answer. Gave up after a lot of time trying and no response from this forum.