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how do i know if charger is bad or computer

  • hi i have an Inspirion 1000..and my warrenty expired...when i put the charger in it dosn't charge at use to be if i flicked adapter it would start to charge but now it won't even do that...i don't know how i can find out if the laptop is messed up or if its just the adapter...and my warrenty expired they said i can get expired warrenty for 49 dollors but i don't really know what that is. please help
  • Is the LED on the adapter ON? If it is, it's good; the system board is faulty. If it's not, the adapter could be faulty.
  • yeah the green it just the connector thats bad or do i have to get the entire motherboard replaced...bc i think that'll cost it possible to open it up and replace the connector myself?
  • connector is part of the motherboard, you might be able to fix it if the connector came loose at a local computer shop,but you need to look and see.
  • Find out what the "i can get expired warranty for 49 dollars" will cover. A replacement mainboard is about $400.