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dell vs apple?


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dell vs apple?

  • A lot of people have been saying that Apple is the best choice, but is it a  waste of money for someone who only does basic computer stuff?
  • They are pretty, easy to use, but then you pay a premium for those features, so the question is more of is it worth it to you.
  • Apple is rubbish i used them once and they were pathetic they cost a fortune and there is just not enough software out there i strongly advise you stick with Dell.

    Why could 90% of the worlds computing be wrong? Stick with Dell!
  • That is no longer true, at least not with the Intel Macs, which can run Windows at least as well as anything from Dell (or Lenovo, Sony, etc.).

    The price premium is no longer what it once was, either.
  • i am not sold on apple...i been reading threads that they are very hot,,,and some folks are returning them..they are coming down in price,,,....would i like to have one ,,,sure, but still out of my price range, though i saw one for $1700.,,but i just cannot yet see the price difference....what i wish apple would do is make there operating system available to me so i could put it on my inspiron 6400...that probably will never happen,,,it could destroy apple,,,but they might make billions with the operating system.....i would buy it.

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  • oh well.

    i already bought an apple.  though they are more expensive they are clearly superior to dell or any other pc and worth the price.

  • i sure would like to have one,,or a apple destop....might get me a g4 desktop off ebay,,,just so i can get my feet wet with apple...
  • After so many years of Windows I am going to try Apple. XP become a tragedy and vista is an expensive beta. I need a PC for professional reasons (accounting and business admin.) Everything goes to an end. It's rather unfortunate this end has to come soon after spending a considerable amount of money on several computers, amongst which three dells and an xps 710 h2c... If my trial with Apple will be successful, I will shift to mac. I need peace of mind and my time must be dedicated for my business and not troubleshooting XP/vista PCs. I will let you know who my whole story turns out.

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  • give you a bit of info, there are few apples used in the business world, that is a fact... apple computers are used more for pics, video ,,that sort of thing...
    i might be able to like the operating x, but one thing i don,t like about the notebooks,, is the plastic cases....i just don,t like them, they look cheap to me....
    just my 2 cents worth.....

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