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Inspiron 5150 not charging!


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Inspiron 5150 not charging!

  • Argh, I took my computer out of my case this mornign and now when I start it up I get the cable not conencted thing AND I can't get it to charge.

    It has about 15 minuts left on the battery then I will be in the dark.

    Is there something I am doing wrong? Usually I can rotate the cable and it will eventually connect but now nothing :(

    Any tips?
  • Doesn't sound too good -- but you might find something on the General H/W boards. There are many posts regarding 5150 AC and battery problems.

    Sorry I can't help more.


  • I checked around and there ARE a lot fo problems.
    If this is so common then how come Dell isn't doing anythign about it? I already had this sent back for a sound problem and now a power adapter problem? You're kidding!
    My friend has had a Dell latitude since 2000 and it has had no problems at all and uses it as his primary workstation. His backlight went once but thats an LCD thing, not a problem. I have had this thing for 2 years and now its broken again!
  •  my laptop was down for almost 6 months the battery would not charge and the computer did not recognize the ac adapter due to the faulty port on the motherboard. dell wants over 400.00 to fix it instead of having a recall for the faulty design.
    I sent my 5150 laptop to this company.  I paid 18.00 to ship it to california, he charged me 150.00 to fix it with an upgraded ac. port on the motherboard and shipped it back to me in less then a week on the east coast. He also can put the original port in for 135.00 buit its worth the upgrade, I have had absolutely no problems. since I paid over a 1000.00 for this computer it was not worth let sitting!!
  • See for your legal rights on this 5150 power issue