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Touchpad not working


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Touchpad not working

  • I turned on my laptop and all of a sudden the touchpad or eraser heada are not working. When I press the buttons, they just make a beeping noise.

    My usb mouse works fine though.

    How can I fix this??

    I have a inspiron 9100.


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  • My Inspiron has developed the same problem.
    The touchpads, mousestick, and the touchpad buttons are not working.
    I have to use an external mouse which works normally.
    Reinstalling the updated driver has no effect.
    I have been troubleshooting this problem since March with Dell, but still no solution.
    he problem began when  triedI to turn the computer on. The only indication displayed was the five green led lights illuminated, and the computer froze that way.  Many attempts to restart both ad and batt yielded no results.
    Then suddenly, after a few days the computer did start, although it requested me to run setup.  Once in windows, I noticed that both the entire touchpad and the laptop speakers were inop, (headphones work ok).
    The computer was never damaged, nor was software installed prior to the problem occuring.
    So, has anyone experienced this? and if you did, were you able to fix the touchpad?
  • Mine fixed itself. I called dell, they said they would replace the two mouse components. The next day, though, it started working back to normal. I think something was loose or soemthing, and got jostled back into place. Try tapping the laptop some and see if that helps.
  • The plug that connects the touchpad and internal speakers to the motherboard is a very tiny flat cord bundle that isn't seated well at all. When the computer is assembled it is held in place by a thin plastic strap which acts as a spring. A jolt or any service work, such as keyboard or hard drive replacement, can dislodge it and it is so small you might never notice it. To check its connection you must remove the upper half of the clamshell and look directly under the touchpad. The cord and plug are there. Press them in place firmly until seated and then handle delicately through reassembly or they will dislodge again.