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Dell Latitude D600 - Mouse pointer will move by itself


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Dell Latitude D600 - Mouse pointer will move by itself

  • The mouse pointer will automatically scroll by itself to the top of the screen. Even if I use either pad or stick the mouse pointer will not stop moving.
    After a few seconds with will come back to normal.
    Alps Driver Version -
    Thanks in advance for any help
  • This seems to be a typical defect in the touchpad of a lot of Dell laptops. My experience has been that the only was to fully fix this problem is to purchase a new keyboard, palmrest and touchpad for the machine. You can check the Dell site too and see if there are driver updates for the device but most of the time this will not fix the problem.
  • The following link tells how to fix this issue with the C600, I'm not sure if it's the same deal with the D600, but it might be:

    Click here for the Dell C600 and C610 Mouse Fix article. These guys specialize in refurbishing used laptops so they've got the most complete and correct details I've ever seen on how to fix this particular issue.

  • Hi, I have just reported this problem too. I managed to stop the pointer from doing this by attaching an external mouse. It was a usb mouse that had a round mouse connector attachment on the usb. This meant that I didn't have to waste the usb port. It stopped the problem... but maybe it's temporary. I disconnected the external mouse and the pointer was behaving normally again. I don't know if it'll happen again, but it's worth a try if you're desperate. Good luck.
  • my Latitude D600 laptop mouse which is the mouse in the mouse in the keyboard moves automatically by itself and i dont understand please help me out for me to like Dell more please i need your help

  • I got the same problem with the mouse pointer of my Dell D600. I resolved it last day successfully by myself. At first I opened the casing and shielded the metal bracket covering touchpad. This did not work. I then disabled the mouse stick on the keyboard from the control panel and the touchpad started working drastically fine and the pointer is working with proper control.