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System stops responding..screen goes to solid color. hard to shut down

  • Using a Latitude D610 laptop with Windows XP.
    Connected to the internet on a HS line.
    While on websites the computer screen will go blank, actually a solid color, thus far blue, green and pink. I cannot get back to any programs.  There is no advance warning such as any noises or error messages nor are there any error messages when the blue screen appears. Right click as well as ctrl-alt-delete have no affect. I have to hold the off button for at least 5 seconds after which the computer will give out a loud beep and shut down. Upon start up the system is slow but once it starts things seem fine again.
    I run a system scan as well as an anti-spyware scan daily and there have been no threats found.  I ran the system scan on the dell website with nothing found.
    I don't really know what else to try and would appreciate any assistance you can provide.
  • Have you tried using and external monitor to test to see whether is there any display on the external lcd/monitor and if the issue continues try and run the Dell diagnostics,By pressing F12 and choose diagnostics the the seelection menu and if there is no Diagnostics found ,get the drivers cd and put it in and boot from it and run the Diagnostics utility,it should help pin point the issue out.
  • I'm having this exact problem. Freezes at a random color. Stuff is still running in the background, but the only way to get it back is a hard boot.
  • Same here.  It happens once a week, maybe.  We have updated video drivers and swapped out the entire computer minus the hard drive.  Today we swapped the docking station and will wait to see.