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FN key doesn't work full


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FN key doesn't work full

  • Hello,

    I have an Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop.

    Since I formatted my pc, the FN key doesn't work complete.
    Some keys, (eg for my num pad, my ctrl/lcd key) works fin, but eg for open my cd drive... No action.

    (I can open my cd drive to puch the button on the drive itselfs, but not via the keyboard shortcut fn + F8).

    Somebody that knowns this problem and can/will help me?

  • Did you download anything recently?
  • good day to all. i got the same problem regarding th "Fn" key. i'm encountering it in all Dell Latitude D series in which "Fn + F10" key is not ejecting the cd tray but the all other secondary funtions seem work so well. Dell Latitude C series have no problem regarding to this command as i've experience. anyone can help me to know what's the reason or do i need to configure anything from the bios. thanks to all. dell user rules!:smileyhappy:
  • Hello,

    No I didn't download special things last few days...

    And on my system, it isn't only the FN + F10 key, but also the FN + ESC, Pause, Ins etc. In other words: the F-keys works fine (except the F10 then) but the 'other FN keys' didn't
  • Good Day to all. i got the answer and i don't know if in the other series of forum our problem has been answer. we need to install "Dell Quickset" application which is available in www.support.dell.com. hope my answer will help. thanks.:smileywink:
  • I have a brand new Inspiron 6000 with QuickSet installed and I got the same issue with the FN-F10 key not opening the CD/ROM drive.  It appears that Dell has changed their way to manage function keys.  Where they used to be managed through the BIOS (such as my old Inspiron 4000), they now are managed through the Windows application QuickSet.  However, QuickSet is conflicting with another process "Ati HotKey Poller" which also tries to program the function keys.

    I had to disable the ATI HotKey Poller process through the Processes window and that allowed QuickSet to take control of the Function keys.  Of course, that is because I do not use the ATI hotkeys functions.