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Laptop Display Blank Out When Connected to Projector


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Laptop Display Blank Out When Connected to Projector

  • I am using Dell 700m. I would like to know whether is it technical fault of the system that whenever I connect the laptop to a projector and clicked one or twice (I couldn't remember) on Fn key and F8 key, it can only display on the projector or laptop display and NOT Both.
    Is there a way to see both on the laptop display AND on the projector screen.
    Thanks in advance.
  • try tapping the fn f8 button fast. if that dont work then only one screen at a time can be seen
  • Just went through that with my Inspiron 6000. But, the Techie guided me through

    1. keying and holding the Fn key "first", then

    2. Keying the F8 key.

    3. I was able to hold the Fn down and by keyin g the F8 each time, i would get display, display and monitor/projector, or once more and I'd get just the projector.

    I hope this helps. For your info, this is my first Dell, and if i hear one more time that they expect me to pay to get information, I'll hunt them down and... Well, you get the idea.

        I'm not happy with their support service. The next laptop i buy will be froma Gateway Store or a "I made it" shop. The intial price don't mean anything if you can't get her operating correctly.


    Wayne Burgess, Warsaw, Va.

  • Same thing happens to me.

    Even worse, my computer projected the other day then stopped communicating completely with EVERY projector. There's definitely some glitch in the drivers, but Dell is not supportive.