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Admin password on a dell c600 latitude


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Admin password on a dell c600 latitude

  • Im looking for a password or a way to hard reset the bios completely.
    This is a C600 Model# PP01L Bios rev. A23.
    I got a new mother board or at least thats what I was told from a local laptop repair shop. They told me that I must of set the admin password thats why I cant change any values in the Bios.
    I just turned it on and could not change the clock or save.
    I have tried alt-f but unable to save. Also tried pulling the HD, Ram, Batt, and drives. Apply power button for 20secs. But that didnt work either.
    Is there something else I can try to reset or a password that I can try.
  • The board they sold you has a passowrd set on it and there is NO way to remove it except by calling Dell tech support, supply proof of ownership ( having the unit registered with Dell in your name or knowing the name, address and contact number of the person it is registered to), which in this case that will be hard to do as it is a replacement board and where it came from is anybodies guess.
    So it looks like you got took. Take the unit back to the repair shop and have the board replaced. Or use it as a big, low, black door stop.
  • I fixed it there is a way.

    If you do enough research just really a google search for the key words above. It can be found there is a way to reset it software wise. It is a pain in the rear to do but it works. It took me only 10 mins and I had a full functioning board and computer again. Thanks and yes the way I did it voids the warrenty oh wait cause I got a deal on the board I had no warrenty. So Im good.

    Thanks Chris

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  • so how did you fix it? i have a c600 i got used too that was wiped clean and has a admin bios password:smileymad:
  • Can you help me find out how to reset my BIOS admin password on a dell Latitude D600?
    I have bought this laptop and nobody can make it work because I can t change the Admin BIOS passowrd to load an OS on it. I have had it for 6 months and it collects dust in a closet . I am out 500 bucks and the guy skipped on me.