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Inspiron 6000 Fan Noise Increase


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Inspiron 6000 Fan Noise Increase

  • Hi, i've had my Inspiron 6000 a few weeks now. At 1st the fan to the left of the keyboard made hardly any noise at all and the whole machine was pretty much silent until playing a dvd etc, when the fan speed would increase. Now, the fan is on noticeably louder from when I press the power button and turn the laptop on. I'm just wondering why it's suddenly making more noise than it was. Can anyone help? I read in other posts about pressing Fn + z, but this seems to increase the fan speed in my case, rather than slow it down. The only major change I can think of is I upgraded to XP Pro from Home. Would this have affected anything?

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  • when you say upgrade, did you do a clean install?
  • No I just bought the upgrade and applied it. I notice you have the A09 BOIS, where do I get this from? Is it just an American release?
  • First of all it is better to start clean. lots of post on that subject here. and if you do a clean install all the files you need are here. do the chipset first. just do a search on clean install
  • Hi, why do I need to do all that? Everything is working fine? I found and installed the A09 BIOS update and ran the diagnostic tests on the fans with no errors or anything. I think maybe it's just me not noticing the noise before, as in comparison to other laptops, it's not really that noisy. If it continues to annoy me, I will phone support and see what they suggest. Just out of curiousity, why is it better to do a clean install instead of upgrading? Thanks!
  • Hi, did you managed to get your fan problem resolved?

    I just purchased the Inspiron 6000 one month ago (with 2GHz CPU with ATI Radeon X300 video card option) and noticed the same fan problem as Inspired2006.

    The CPU fan on the left side of the keyboard would turn on/go into high speed just a few minutes after power on and would stay on continuously blowing out COLD air.

    This despite the left side of the keyboard (where the CPU is located) is always very cool even before the fan switches to high speed. The right side of the notebook (where the HDD, the momory are located) are however uncomfortably warm, and the fan speed don't seems to be having any impact on cooling the right side of the keyboard.

    I checked the service manual for the notebook, and found other "hot spots" as well, but perhaps more interesting is the area around the power on button (where the video card is located) gets also very warm, and that the video card heatsink is sharing the same fan as the CPU via a heatpipe.

    I also downloaded the latest version of I8KfanGUI and did some measurements. Below are the tempatures of the system after 1hour.

    Ambient temp around 28degC this morning here in S'pore when the measurements were taken.

    When Fan is on at high speed 3872RPM - noticably very loud

         CPU 35degC, GPU 40degC,

         HDD 45decC, DIMM 58degC

    Fan is forced to run at 2620RPM (slow) - very quiet

         CPU 36degC, GPU 41degC,

         HDD 45decC, DIMM 58degC


    The fan seems to be turning to high speed rather unnecessarily, and the high speed setting have very little impact have very little impact on loweving the CPU and GPU temperatures which are already rather low side in the first place (I have expected the CPU temperature to be around 40-50degC. My other Inspiron 4150 P4 Mobile 1.8GHz runs as high as 50-70degC at 100% load!!)

    It is also clear that the fan has no impact whatsoever on lowering the temparature of the HDD and DIMM memory.

    And yes, I have already re-installed the entire system (clean, reformated HDD, reinstalled XP home + drivers, and turn on autoupdates and all that)  at least three times - to resolve problems with the DVD/media software package and also the Bluetooth drivers. The fan problem is still there after all the  re-installations. My bios version is A08.