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Dell Latitude C800, CPU speed?

  • Hey people,

    I am running a latitude with 1,000Hz CPU speed. When I run it at full whack it overheats and computer switches off. I am using software to try and control the fan speed better but it still doesnt seem to manage to quite cope.

    Anyone know of software that I can use to bring down the used CPU speed to something more like 900Hz? Cant do it in bios... Anywhere else I can do it?

    any/all info really helpful as would be first time i am doing it.


  • Sounds like the heat pipe is bad. That is the tube coming from the heat plate, the plate that sits on top of the CPU, and going to the cooling fins by the 2 fans. Or it could be the fans are bad. If the fan run then it is the heat pipe. You can replace that whole unit, heat plate/pipe/fins for about $20. If you do that make sure you remove all of the thermal pad that normally comes on the heat plate and from the top of the CPU and use some Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound.