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Booting from external cd-rom drive on Inspiron 2500


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Booting from external cd-rom drive on Inspiron 2500

  • Alrighty, I have been going nuts trying to find anything to get my laptop to recognize this cd-rom drive.

    My internal cd-rom drive died on me... my OS is becoming unstable and I need to reformat and clean install it (XP Home)... bought a external USB cd-rom drive to fill in for the busted internal drive.
    Now I can't get it to recognize the external cd-rom drive in the BIOS or during the boot sequence until I get to the login screen.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is what I have done so far:
    Upgraded the BIOS to the most recent one that was available for the Inspiron 2500
    Checked throughout these forums and other areas online trying to find anything
    Gone to a few of my tech-savvy friends to see if that can find a solution

    Going crazy here. Laptop is crashing when it shouldn't be (bluescreened twice in 24 hours when running only 2 apps).

    Many thanks in advance for any tips, solutions, et cetera... ^_^
  • Suggest at startup you keep tapping F12 for the one-off boot menu. When it does appear,select USB hardware from the list then press enter on your keyboard.
  • F12 isn't doing anything except creating a long string of system beeps and it launches right into the XP start-up screen...
  • hmm, it could simply be that you are not tapping the key early enough in the booting cycle.

    The alternative is to change the booting order in BIOS so that USB hardware comes before your hard drive.
  • I've done the F12 suggestion from a coldboot and a restart and both times it does nothing different.
    And the USB option isn't even showing up in the BIOS... that's the problem...

    I swear the F12 option isn't functioning on my laptop... I'm using both the internal keyboard and have tried an external keyboard and both times it did nothing beyond the annoying beeping.

    This is the BIOS report I have:
    BIOS Date: 11/05/02
    BIOS Type: PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 licensed to Dell
    BIOS ID: Dell Inspiron 2500 BIOS Version: A15
    OEM Sign-On: None
    Chipset: Intel 1130 rev 17
    Superio: Unknown
    OS: Microsoft Windows XP Version: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
    CPU: Pentium(R) III 900 Mhz MAX: 1000 Mhz
    BIOS ROM In Socket: No
    BIOS ROM Size: 64K
    Memory Installed: 192 MB
    Memory Maximum: 512 MB
    Memory Slot 01: 64 MB
    Memory Slot 02: 128 MB

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  • I cannot recall for certain but I wonder if the fundamental problem here is that your model laptop does not support booting from USB devices.
  • well that bites for me then... if it can't boot from a USB device (though my wireless keyboard uses the other USB port and is fine when I'm in the BIOS)...
    I honsetly think that the F12 function is busted on my laptop or something... I managed to get it to work on some other Dell computers without any problems. And can't afford a new laptop right now... *grumble*
  • Hi,

    I don't think the I2500 will boot from USB, it is a stripped down I8000 with many things left out or hobbled. It will work with a 2nd CD in the front bay.

                                                                                     Regards Chris

  • AussieChris wrote:


    I don't think the I2500 will boot from USB, it is a stripped down I8000 with many things left out or hobbled. It will work with a 2nd CD in the front bay.

    Regards Chris

    Well that would be great if Dell sold the cd drives for this ugly thing still then. I don't recall seeing it when I went through their "upgrade products"

    And alway nice to know that I just wasted $110 on an external cd-rom that is useless to me unless Windows is already booted up. >_<

    EDIT: okay, I think I found something up on eBay that will work out nicely... thank you Chris for at least pointing out that front-slot possibility. ^_^

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  • Hi...

    Ok I Find the solution, for the people who says... "Inspiron 2500 can't boot form usb" :smileymad:

    Last night, after 3 hour's of hard work... burning my head... i find the way...

    I'm trying to install a Windows Xp Pro Sp2...

    I go to microsoft and download the bootable diskette files... u only need 6 diskette formated and its all...

    Putt the diskette #1 in the floopy device, putt your system cd (XP Pro Sp2) in the Usb Cd Rom device (are connected to the usb port on the Inspiron 2500), Turn On and follow the steps...

    ## For other operative systems, its the same, go to download bootable diskette (for that Operative System)

    Its soooo easy... just... enjoy it...

    LOL !!! (scuse my english, isnt good, but i try so hard...)

    Punta del Este - Uruguay :smileyvery-happy: