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AC adapter not recognized "error"


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AC adapter not recognized "error"

  • Ok, I just got the 9300 about a week ago.  Everything's been fine.  Starting yesterday, I started getting an error on startup...the black screen...the beeping said something like"Power adapter not recognized"  "Press F1 to continue"..etc....

    I don't know what this means.  The AC power on icon is still on my's still plugged in. 
    So what does this error message mean?
  • Call Dell for repair.
  • i had the same problem with my inspiron 5150 and dell told me that i needed a new mobo for my laotop which would have cost me about £500. But i took the risk because and brought a new AC adapter from Ebay for £30 and it fixed the problem. Hopefully this will be the same for you. If not you wont lose much and you can allways sell it back on ebay :-).
    Let us know how you get on
  • Well, I contacted Dell and they gave me a couple of steps.  I checked the setup utility to see if it would say that my adapter is "unknown", but it did said it was 90W.  Also, they told me to update my BIOS, which I did.  Now....I told the computer to not let me know again about the mistake I guess, because now I'll never know if I fixed the problem or not.  Hmmm....  The adapter looks fine and it's what came with the computer, so who knows.  Is there a way to tell the computer to let me know again if there's a problem?