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fan running this normal??


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fan running this normal??

  • i recently recieved my inspiron 6000d.

    in the past week that i have been using the computer, the fan has been running nonstop. it has never stopped even once while the computer was on, even when the computer was idle. from my past experiences with laptops, the fans have always turned off periodically and have been much more quiet.

    is it normal for the fan on the inspiron 6000 to be running continuously??
  • try fangui
  • yes, i have tried fangui.

    it tells me the same thing my ear tells me.....the fan is running continuously

    what i am interested in knowing is if the fan is SUPPOSED to be running continously.
  • on my I6000d it is not running all the time. fan goes on at 45c and turns off at 32c. check and see if you cpu usage is 100%
  • hmmm, i find this rather disturbing...

    the cpu is not at 100% the cpu runs most of the time at 800MHz and the cpu temperature reported by fangui usually hovers around 31C

    however, fangui reports the fan to be running at around 2500 rpm. it never stops. the fan status reports that the fan is on the "slow" mode.

    any idea why there is this discrepancy between your machine and mine??
  • what do you have the fan set to turn off on fangui? key fn+z resets fan with bios. if you have fan set toolow to turn off it will never turn off, if the temp can't get there.
  • yes, i can get the fan to turn off using fangui, but my question was refering to without fangui. when i let my bios (A05) control the fans, it never turns off even though the temperatures are reported at around 31C.

    i can get the fans to turn off with fangui though...

    just curious, without fangui on your inspiron 6000d, does the fan ever turn off or drop significantly below 2500 rpm??

    also, i didn't completely understand what you meant by fn z
    could you explain in more detail exactly what that does??

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  • on I8200 folks updated the bios and the fan would run on high. fn+z would reset it. if I look at fangui and the fan is off and I key in fn+z the fan comes on then off, suggesting to me that it is resting it in the bios.I will check on my fan and get back to you.
  • I too have been having a problem with a Inspiron 1150. I suspected the fan might be blocked, but went online to see what messages or help I could get from Dell since the system is only 9 months old.

    Can you share with me how to run "fangui"? Is that done starting from the C:\ prompt? If so, can you give me a step by step instruction on how to observe the CPU temperature, fan speed, and start/stop temps?
  • I seem to have the exact same problem with my I6000 (1,73GHz), so I have a few questions:

    What is fangui?

    Can the fan be set to run at <2500rpm? with the cpu not getting to hot?


  • Run google for fangui, you will find what needed easily.
  • I turned off fangui and my fan stays off for a long time, so mine is not always on.
  • a couple more questions

    what BIOS version are you running?


    does your i6000 have dedicated graphics (x300)??

    the reason i ask about the dedicated graphics is because the cooling fan on the i6000 cools both the cpu and the gpu, if there is one.
  • A05 and x300
  • that's the same as mine... :(

    a difference in processor speed perhaps? mine is the 1.86GHz, but it mainly runs at 800MHz, .988v...

    this is so wierd, i've read in many places people complaining about the fan always being on...found at least 10 thread here and 5-6 on notebookforums

    i don't get this at all...