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Disable little eraser-mouse controller?


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Disable little eraser-mouse controller?

  • Is it possible to disable that little eraser-head mouse controller. I seem to hit it constantly making typing a supreme headache. I didnt see anything in the bios.

  • What type of system?
  • It would certainly help if you would identtify the specific system model, and the operating system you have installed might make a difference as well, but here's a general guide to that sort of stuff:
  • Sorry..

    Dell Latitude D600.

    I meant to..but the vicodin after my root canal was taking a toll.
  • See your User Guide - "Using The Keyboard and Touch Pad" - "Customizing The Touch Pad and Track Stick"
  • Download this driver


    After that you will have a new option in your system tray, or you can go into  mose through control panel and shut it off.
  • That did the trick. Thanks a ton.
  • No Problem