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Squealing, high-pitched noise on my C600 Latitude


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Squealing, high-pitched noise on my C600 Latitude

  • Help!!! I recently received a brand-new C600 Latitude laptop (running Windows NT 4.0), and when I go to various web sites that run Macromedia FlashPlayer, my laptop elicits a most-annoying high-pitched squeal. I've muted all my sound options, our tech reps. have replaced the guts of my laptop - no change. Yesterday, the techs re-staged my laptop - no change. We also tried downloading new audio drivers - no change. Can someone help me with this problem? I'm ready to chuck this laptop out the window - it's very annoying to try to do some online web training with this horrible squealing noise. Thanks for your help.

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  • wbrodersen:

    If muting your master volume control setting doesn't seem to prevent the noise from occurring then it's likely not related to your audio chipset. Does the squeal seem to be coming from a particular location of your system? If you could give me some websites in particular I can try to duplicate the issue.

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  • Here's an example where I'm experiencing the squeal.

    -as soon as I start this web page, it's running FlashPlayer and my laptop starts squealing

    I often also experience the squeal when I bring up web pages that have ads that run Flash.

    The squeal is very high-pitched when Flash is running, and doesn't appear to be coming from any specific part of my laptop.

    Hope this helps.

  • I have gone through this with two C600's. Try taking out one piece of hardware at a time, diskette or CD module, battery, mouse if used, external keyboard if use, docking station, any printers or other peripherals, and finally the hard drive and the RAM. Remove these one at a time and then reboot and try to cause the screech to happen again. It may be a bad piece of hardware (one of mine was a bad hard disk), or it may just be a hardware conflict (the other one I had).

    Good luck

  • I had the same problem on two C610 laptops. The sound seemed to come from the right side of the display panel when the image on the screen changed. As a matter of fact, I remember it was horrible when a flash window was open. It was also bed when I resized a window by dragging. I told Dell about my problem on both machines, but they had no fix for it. So I returned both machines. The sound was really annoying and totally unacceptable.


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  • I support 100+ C610's and this is starting to be an issue. The sound eminates from below the letter "L" on the keyboard (CPU location). I have upgrade to Bios A04 with no improvement. Ran Fan diagnostics, disk removals and reinstallations. It is not the same volume sound on all of the comptuers but does seem to do with flash pages. Shockwave.com is a good example of a site.

  • C600 squeels most the time, except when I scroll up and down with touchpad on the right toolbar. Does itat all times, even when external monitor hooked up and screen off, with headphones hooked up, muted etc.

    From underneath L key area on keyboard-- no idea what it is but very loud.

    Good luck, recommend Dell techs take a look at this obviously pervasive problem on these machines. Otherwise a great machine.

    Thank you P

  • I worked with the Dell escalation team on this. It is an Intel issue with the cpu. Go into the bios and turn of speed step and iteligent cpu and the noise will all but disapear. Your cpu runs at full speed all the time and it will use more battery when not using the A/C adapter. Good Luck. I agree that Dell should post this somewhere too.

  • Thanks for the information. We received the same data back from Dell but when I applied the fix, the fan runs continually so it wasn't much of a fix. The fan running all the time is far more annoying than the squealing from the occasional web site. So, I've decided to un-do the "so-called" fix, and put up with the squealing. It was a question of what's more irritating--the fan running all the time or the squealing web sites once in while. I chose the squealing web sites--in my humble opinion, it's sad that this is the best Dell can come up with by blaming the problem on Intel. Oh well. . .

  • I work at a large East Coast law firm, and we have purchased hundreds of these Latitude C600's and C610's, so far. The ringing noise was noticed almost immediately after putting the C610 into service; as we set our home page to our intranet by default, and it contains some Flash programming. Not only is the noise heard when visiting any Flash site, it can be also be heard if Microsoft's Media Player is open...it doesn't even have to be playing anything....just having the application open produces the noise. No matter what BIOS revision, audio driver file, or Flash plug-in was utilized, the result was still the same...an irritating audio whine. That's when we began to suspect the system's HW of having a "defective" component/sub-system. (And, no matter which manufacturer's FRU it actually is; ultimately, the DELL name is still on the cover.)
    I realize that Dell relies on techs in the field to bring new problems to their attention, but the return response from Dell, on this issue, has been "less than helpful", to say the least. I have recommended to my manager that we refrain from purchasing any more C610's, until Dell can provide us with either a solution to this problem, or at least a reasonable written explanation for it's cause. (It seems to be a solid system otherwise, but blaming Intel doesn't quiet down these systems, and doesn't get us a correctly functioning replacement processor.)

    DELL- If crosstalk, resulting from the new 0.13 micron fabrication technique, between the smaller components in Intel's processor is the problem...when will new, "corrected" processors be available to you (and us), from your partner, for replacement?
    Remember, DELL- Your, historically, high level of SERVICE is what keeps us coming back. When you determine the new processor's availability, post your findings to your wider audience of C610 customers...not just to those of us who have managed to harass an answer out of you.

  • when i open macromedia flash or visit macromedia flash animation included any web page or looking any mpeg movie with windows media player or watching dvd with intervideo win dvd, i hear a high pitched sound from neighborhood prnt scrn-num lk-pause keyboard buttons bottom. When i exit talk about programs or close window i dont hear high pitched sound from behind keyboard
  • sungar:

    Click here for a possible solution.


  • Hi to all,

    I'm a C600 owner: same Wbrodersen "experience" and unfortunately same sad final decision to stay with the squealing web-sites...

    I hope Dell will solve this problem soon!


  • as this seems to be about numbers - i too have experienced this problem on Dell C600 and Inspiron 4000, i expect to see the same on the new C610 i am about to get.

    This is a one of those great Dell things, we can't admit there is a problem cos it will cost us too much...

    "Take the number of vehicles in the field, A, multiply by the probable rate of failure, B, multiply by the average out-of-court settlement, C. A times B times C equals X. If X is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one."

    that sound about right? it seems there is always one thing. it was poor power man on my old CPiA