Headphones Not working But Speakers are


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Headphones Not working But Speakers are

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I am using Dell Inspiron N5010 windows 7 Basic. I am facing problems in headphones. No sound is coming and Its not getting detected too.. I checked by going through Hardware & Sounds and found just the laptop speakers. The speakers are working normally..Help 

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  • Hi Roshan_Chelsea,

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    Have you tried different headphones? If its the same with known good headphone (one which works on another system) it could be an issue with the headphone connector port.

    Is your system under warranty?

    Thank You

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  • I tried with 3 headphones..None of them are working. As soon as I enter the headphones into the port, sound goes off the speaker and it comes back when I remove it.

    No ,my system is not under warranty !

    Is there a way to know whether its a hardware/software issue ??

  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Audio driver.

    To uninstall access Device Manager(click on start menu,type Device Manager in search box),expand Sound,video,game controller,right click audio card listed,click uninstall,put check mark for delete driver software,click OK.

    Reboot the system,download and reinstall driver from this link below :


    Also check the headphone port for any damage/broken pin.

    Let me know if this helps.

    Thank You

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  • I dont know nbut somehow the headphones are working again !! But when i checked in the Control Panel ->sounds-> It does not show headphones, only the speakers of the laptop..Strange its not detecting but it is still playing...

    anyways thanks for your help !!

  • Glad it is working.

    If you're looking under Control Panel,Sound,Playback you wont see the headphone there.Headphone does not get detected as playback device.

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