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Headphone jack not recognizing speakers or headphones on Inspiron n4110

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Hi there,

I've got an Inspiron n4110.  When I plug speakers or headphones into the speaker jack on the side, the computer doesn't recognize that anything is plugged in.  It simply continues playing out of the built-in Dell speakers on the front of the machine.  When I go into Control Panel > Sound > Playback, I see that the only audio playback devices the computer recognizes is the build-in speakers on the front ("Realtek High Definition Audio").

What's the deal?  How can I play sound out of my speaker jack into my speakers/headphones?

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  • Hi Jacobag,

    Welcome to the Community.

    Have you updated the audio drivers for your system? if no please go to the link,

    1. download and install the driver and restart the system and check if you are able to receive any audio through the earphones.
    2.  Also would request you to try with a different Earphone incase  the current one that you have does not work.

    Hope this resolves your issue.

    Thank You Sujay K


    Certified Dell Community Professional