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Waves Maxxaudio

  • The Dell Wavesmaxx audio key doesn't work. Also, sound blaster tab too doesn't function when clicked.

    Any solution for it?

  • I am sorry for the late reply.  I suggest installing the Realtek ALC665 Audio driver. One thing to test is to look for the Realtek HD Audio Manager; there should be an icon in control panel.  If you are able to bring that up, look to see if Waves Maxxaudio is enabled.  Installing Quickset is important as well.

    Here is a link to a DCF forum thread where other users are looking for Waves Maxxaudio as well.


    You may also want to take a look at installing Dell Digital Download and log on to your account.  They may have Waves software to download, and if you ordered Sound Blaster XIFI MB it will be located there. You can download Dell Digital Delivery from the following link


    Here is a FAQ for Dell Digital Delivery


    Please let me know if this helps




    If you have not already, I also suggest downloading and installing Dell Quickset from Support.Dell.com

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  • Hi , Thank you for the response!! Issue is that When i click Sound Blaster from Realtek audio manager

    , entire Audio Manager crashes ! Sound Blaster had been factory installed when i custom made my XPS.

    So any help on that?

    - Nitin Kuriakose Varghese

  • You may need to uninstall and then reinstall the Sound Blaster software.  If your system shipped with back up media you should have a Sound Blaster CD. If not I would try Dell Digital Delivery and see if you can download if from there.  



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  • You can ONLY have Wavesmazz when the Soundblaster is Disabled. It only runs ONE of those options at one time...you turn on one, you have to turn off the other....and vice-versa. I thought I had the same problem until I enabled the Wavesmaxx thru the Dellstage Radio Feature. Have you Enabled "Dellstage" yet? THAT may be the problem!! You cant do it by pressing the Wavesmaxx button tho. You have to Enable Dellstage first . Go to Programs - Dellstage - Musicstage. That"ll do it!! Have fun with your new Laptop!! I have the same.....and LOVE it!! The sound ROCKS!!!Smile


  • I should clarify.....Soundblaster has to be "OFF"....not "DISABLED"....for the Wavemaxx to be "ON" and vise-versa.

    Also, since your computer is brand-new to YOU, it may take you a few days of exploring it  to see how everything works and familiarizing yourself with it before thinking that something may be wrong. Something may BE wrong, but think "horses", not "zebras", when you hear "hoofprints".....meaning that your first step in diagnosing if something is broke/wrong ie...should be the good 'ole "HELP" feature FIRST before you start downloading drivers or files etc. Find out,and see how it works first. You may create more problems than fixes if you do these things FIRST before you know what the real problem is...so try out the Windows "HELP", then go from there!! Hope this helps you and have fun with the new machine :)

  • ruthielu42

    I thank you for the post.  So you have found that you can't have both SoundBlaster and Wavemaxx enabled at the same time?


    Have you tried disabling Wavemaxx in the Audio Manager and see if you have the same problem with SoundBlaster? Does it help?




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  • Okay, let me come straight to the point. In the audio manager, whatever the criteria may be like wavemaxx disabled for sound blaster 

    and so and so, clicking the sound blaster tab itself crashes the audio manager. 

    Problem comes only when i click sound blaster tab. otherwise its fine with wavemaxx .

  • Yes that is correct. When you have Wavesmaxx Audio on, you get a pop up screen that says QUOTE : "In order to enable WavesMaxx Audio, SoundBlaster X-Fi-MB is disabled"......and vise-versa. When you put on Soundblaster X Fi-MB, you get a pop up screen that says QUOTE "In order to enable Soundblaster X Fi-MB, Wavesmaxx Audio is disabled.

    Also, the Wavesmaxx button ONLY works AFTER you enabled the "Dellstage" toolbar.... and then you will be able to find the "Settings" for Wavesmaxx AND the Soundblaster X Fi-MB.

    Once you get the Dellstage toolbar on, and this step is CRUCIAL.....RESTART your computer so it enables the toolbar and loads the DellMusic and all its features.

    Then you go to Dellstage -  double click the "DellMusic" app.- go to  "Musicstage" app - go to "RadioTme" - and then to "WorldRadio" (which is where you will find the wireless streaming radio.)  Once there, find your region and start finding radio stations.

    After this all has been done, your Wavesmaxx button should start to work as well!!

    Also after all this, you can right-click your "speaker" icon in your notification area at the bottom of your screen and then click on 'Playback devices" which will pull up the "SOUND" menu. You will see, on the Playback tab, it will say: Select a playback device below to modify its settings- There will be 2 devices- Speakers or Realtek Digital Output. (BOTH say Realtk High-Def Audio under them) You can only enable ONE at a time to be your playback device (mine is the Speakers). Then right-click on one of them to cinfigure it.

    Hope this helps.:)


  • I just sent a DETAILED reply on how to get to it, and you dont go to the audio manager, but it says it has to be approved by the forum moderator?? so once it posts, I hope it helps you :(

  • Thanks for the assistance. When i click the sound blaster tab under waves audio, entire manager crashes.

    Weird thing is that Sound blaster was purchased during custom building of xps, but its not available in the dell 

    downloads. Is there any way of reinstalling waves audio manager or sound blaster?

  • If you have not tried it yet you may be able to download Sound Blaster from Dell Digital Delivery.  You may install Dell Digital Delivery from the following link.


    To my knowledge Waves is bundled with the Realtek Audio Manager and is part of the Realtek driver.  I have not verified what ruthielu42 mentions about needed Dell Stage installed.

    I have no media for reinstalling the Waves Maxx functionality but if you can't find the Sound Blaster software from Dell Digital Delivery shoot me a private message with your name and the service tag of the notebook.


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  • Caption Sound Blaster X-Fi MB Licensing Service
    Description Provides licensing services for Sound Blaster X-Fi MB
    DisplayName Sound Blaster X-Fi MB Licensing Service
    ExitCode 1077
    Name Sound Blaster X-Fi MB Licensing Service
    PathName "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Creative Labs
    ServiceSpecificExitCode 0
  • Hello fellas....and ALL who cannot find Sound Blaster X-Fi MB/Waves Maxx Audio.

    Go to...Start - All Programs - Creative (Labs) - Sound Blaster X-Fi MB -  Creative Console Launcher.....RUN THIS LAUNCHER TO ENABLE BOTH THE

    "WavesMaxx Audio" and "Sound Blaster X-Fi MB ".


    (If you don't have the Creative Labs file, you will have to run "Quickset64" first and it will be downloaded thru there. Find "Quickset64" by going to....Control Panel- Programs - Programs and Features - Quickset64.)


    I KNOW this because I am streaming LIVE Wifi Radio NOW and hearing it thru the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB/Waves Maxx Audio...and I can ALSO configure

    BOTH of these because.....I HAVE THEM.


    "IF" you follow this path, you WILL find the "Sound Blaster X-Fi MB" AND "WavesMaxx Audio" BECAUSE when you enable one (Sound Blaster X-Fi MB),

    the OTHER ONE (WavesMaxx Audio) WILL BE disabled or vice-versa.


    (It is NOT found under REALTECH HD AUDIO, even tho they ARE Realtech HD Audio Devices.)


    I don't understand why nobody will listen to the person who has both of these features . I do know what I am talking about. This isn't my first rodeo. Hope this helps.:(


  • Ruthielu42,


    I own a Dell XPS L501x Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit system. My hard drive was replaced by Dell using the Dell Image for my system.


    I do NOT have...


    Sound Blaster


    I found Quickset64 in the drivers folder but nothing about sound blaster.


    I downloaded and installed Dell Digital Delivery and no files for my system there.


    I went to my My Dell Downloads :: Login no sound blaster there. Dell Stage is there but I did not install it after the hard drive was installed.


    So basically I see settings in


    Start, All Programs, Dell Audio, Dell Audio by Realtek


    Brings up this...


    I do not have any issues with my speakers, they work great.





    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 



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