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Inspiron 15R N5110 audio jack

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I got this laptop in August for high school; perfect laptop, I love it.  About a month later, I bought a pair of really nice headphones, and really enjoy listening to music through iTunes on my laptop.  The sound on it is great, much better than on my iPod.  However, the cord was really long, and today, when getting up to do something, my foot snagged on the cord and yanked the headphone cable straight out of the audio jack.  When I played music on it later, I found that no sound came out of the left side of the headphone.  No distortion or crackling, just no sound on the left side.  I thought there was a problem with the headphone, but after inspection, everything was fine.  I then pluged it back into the laptop's audio jack and wiggled it around a bit, and found that the problem was fixed if the jack was inserted and wiggled into a certain position.  However, it does not stay in that position, so this is a problem.  There was no wiggle before, so it is definately a problem with the female audio jack in the laptop.  Is there anything I can do (or buy) to fix this issue?

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