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Low volume

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hey guys just 3 weeks ago i bought inspiron15r and i am really disappointed with the low volume is there anyone who could help me boost up my volume i have checked the drivers and everything but its no help can anyone pls help me out

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  • Rushabh

    I would test with a head set or external speakers and see if the problem continues.  If the problem continues then there is likely a volume setting keeping the sound level down.  There are a lot of games and other programs that have their own sound volume controls which could be causing the problem.

    You could run diagnostics. You start diagnostics by holding down the FN key or by tapping the F12 and choosing diagnostics. Allow the basic tests to complete and check for option for audio or sound test.  Does the sound level sound different here?

    Please let me know what you find out.


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  • Hello,

    I'm seeing an opportunity here to perhaps give something back for all the times I've been helped in forums like this, and I've seen tons of people looking for an answer to this.  So here's the thing...

    I've got a pretty new Dell Vostro 3700, and I too was very disappointed with the puny volume output, although I knew every possible volume setting was maxed out.  I was still having to either wear headphones or sit very close to the machine to hear, and even then it wasn't great.  And music..forget about it!  I'm kind of mystified that sound levels aren't set better by factory default, but whatever.

    Anyway, after months of telling myself there's got be a way to get this sound up, I finally stumbled on something that really made a dramatic difference for me.  In fact, after making this change, I sometimes have to turn the darn thing down!  Doesn't that sound nice?

    So here's what worked for me, and please take note that I am using Windows 7 Home, but I would imagine the steps would be similar for at least the previous couple versions of Windows.

    Go to:

    Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Manage Audio Devices > Select to Highlight "Speakers/Headphones" (or whichever your default audio output device is) > Properties > Enhancements > Tick the Box beside "Loudness Equalization"

    Then of course click Apply & OK.

    Note: because this is proportionally increasing volume equalization, you may find the volume control in individual applications or media has been automatically reduced, so you may have to go in and raise these higher again in some cases, but for me, this dramatically increased the volume output system wide.  I can enjoy a tv show online from across the room.

    I really hope this helps someone, and good luck!


  • Eric, thanks for posting.

    Jim Coates -- senior forum member

  • Thank you so much, Eric. I haven't found this solution anywhere else. My 2012 Dell Latitude sudden lost volume and I could barely hear videos. Something (a Windows update? Who knows?) changed the volume output, with all the controls maxed. Your solution solved it. When one reads the explanation of "equalization" it makes no sense that this adjustment would be the solution, but it is. Thank you again!

  • Outstanding, Frank, really glad to hear this has helped, and it only took 14 months, right?!!  What a nice sound when that volume comes back.  Of course the best solution of all for me was a $15 set of externals from Wally World, they put out a couple of great decibels, but I know external speakers are not always convenient.

    All the best Frank!