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Driver Download for Waves Maxx Audio 3


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Driver Download for Waves Maxx Audio 3

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I repartitioned my hard disk using Windows 7 Disk management console. After doing that I reinstalled all the applications manually. After doing that, I found that my Maxx Audio software is not working. As well, the Advanced buttons on top of key board is also not working for waves maxx audio. Can someone help me in this problem? Where can i download the required software for Maxx Audio. Please let me know as soon as possible.

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  • Not 100% sure but for the advance buttons you should download and install Dell Quickset, it should work.

    For the MaxxAudio you need to install the Realtek Audio driver, please note that  when you run Realtek installer the first time it actually uninstalled the previous driver (only if was installed of course) and it requires a second run to complete the installation. The best way to find out if its installed is to check in the control panel if you have the Realtek Audio application installed, if its not there it means you need to run the setup again.


    Hope this helps...(-:  

  • Thank you so much David Smile. I did installation and its working fine now. Do you know some ways to make that tools bar that is on top of keyboard called control strip(inner green rectangle).


  • Glad to read that worked (-:


    As for the control strip, I am not 100% but I believe what you need to install is the Dell Quickset application for your Dell XPS



  • Hi, you will go to and download drivers, enter your service tag code when required and download Realtek ALC665 Audio driver.

  • Hi,

    I got my control strip working by installing Dell Quickset from

    link for L501x


    Thank you so much for your support Smile

  • I have the same problem. Fixed?

  • Yes, there will be a realtek hd driver coming along with the Dell CD packs. Install that. Then, install the quick access utility application given in the DELL CD. This should work. Bottom line is you have to install all the utilities and drivers given along with your laptop.

  • I have a similar problem. Do you find the bass distorted?

  • No, It works fine for me.

  • I found that my bass was distorted after installing :/ and I get nothing coming out of my internal speakers :(
  • thanks so much

  • Yep installing the quickset worked for me. Everything plays just fine

  • i am trying to install the alc audio but my run32dll stops working so the driver doesnt completely get install. please help.

    any suggestions? 


  • Hi all,

    Suffering from the same problem - i.e. Waves MaxxAudio drivers disappearing and/or distorted bass on some musical material.

    I've read on other sites that it is better to disable Maxxaudio algorithms altogether, as bass distortion may cause speaker malfunction and total loss of sound.

    It might be better not to use this SW, I do not know... Didn't happen to me, yet...

    Dell User