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How to fix no speaker sound problem with faulty IDT headphone jack.


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How to fix no speaker sound problem with faulty IDT headphone jack.

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I have had this problem for a while now. My Speakers dont put out any sound. But the Headphones jack do! I have somehow found a solution to the problem and wanted to share this with the Community. I recorded a video where I show how to fix it. Maybe this will help you!

See the YouTube link below...


More Info that helped me:

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  • Hello. Thank you for posting your fix. When I get a chance I will edit the faq to include a link to it. I hope we will get some confirmations that it works for other models too.


    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Does not work for me. I followed your procedure but nothing worked.

    Compared to yours, my audio ONLY works if the Speakers / Headphones is selected as the default device, not the Independent RTC Headphones. If I force my microphone array (like the on in your video) to output to the RTC Headphones, the bar on the side detects some sound but does not output it to my headphones. Also, with Speakers / Headphones set as default, I can only hear audio through my headphones, not my speakers. There's no problem with my speakers because if I use default Microsoft audio drivers, then they work (though I do need to set default device to whichever one I need, the speakers or headphones). 

    Any help? :(

  • Coldside, do you have the same model as Niike2? His was a Studio XPS 1640 and has an IDT audio driver compatible with Vista and 7.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Yes I have the same model computer with Windows 7 x64. I downloaded the driver from the Dell Driver page.

  • Youtube solution oes not work on my 1645 xps studio, but i did get sound working by un-installing IDT then sawp the default speaker in Sounds> Playback. HTH

    PS. so many users are having this trouble i am not convinced its a faulty hardware issue. I reckon it may be sloppy software, cmon Dell, FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Similar problem solved here ...

  • I suddenly started having the same symptoms with Dell Latitude 6400 running Windows 7.  For me, it was simply a case of restarting the Windows Audio Service.  Now I am getting sound from my speakers again.