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speakers not working


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speakers not working

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I test my speakers but there is no sound.  I go into settings and it indicates the drivers are working properly.

I have used my speakers for two years just fine.  All of a sudden they don't work.  I use an exterior speaker system that I plug into the middle port in front of my laptop and it has worked fine.  I took my laptop on a trip and sound did not work.  the flat buttons on the face of my keyboard top indicates that it is not muted.

could I have a defective speaker?

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  • Hi, It does look like your speakers have gone, if you have, or can get, another set of speakers to test with, to see if it is your speakers. Mind you, 2 years use of an electronic item is not bad. I dont know what sound card along with software you have, but, creative do have a diagnostic software for their hardware. if anything goes wrong, then it can be tested.


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  • Hello. This is a specific problem that plagues the laptops and there is a faq that explains how to diagnose it. Go to the Laptop Audio Faq's and read the Headphone Jack faq.


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