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Dell 1545 Webcam Central no audio Solution


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Dell 1545 Webcam Central no audio Solution

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I have a Dell 1545 running with Vista 64 & Dell Webcam Central for the web cam. I've experienced a lot of problems with the web cam. The web cam wouldn't work & then the audio wouldn't work. I would record a video & there would be no sound. My built in mic wouldn't work in voice chatting either. If anyone else is experiencing this problem .. I've found a solution that has worked for me. The problem is that Dell Webcam Central installs it's own microphone settings onto your laptop called something like Dell web cam Live!. (the exact name I'm not sure of because I've removed it from my system .. but if you follow these steps you'll find it. Look for something with Live! in the title under mic's) This isn't the built in microphone in my laptop & maybe not yours either. You have to change the settings for your computer system & Dell Webcam Central. Go to start> control panel> sound> recording .. on mine there is an option for Microphone "High Definition Audio Device" ... that is the built in mic. You want that for your default & apply it. Then open Dell web cam central & go to the "Record Video's" option. In the middle of this is an orange button with a video camera icon. Next to this on the same button is a little arrow pointing down .. click that. Under microphone .. choose Microphone "High Definition Audio Device" just like the sound option in control panel. I've done this & it's completely fixed. I can record videos with sound & use my built in mic in voice/video chat.

I hope this can help if anyone has this issue!

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  • i have dell inspiron 1545, 32 Windows 8 

    i want help for setup integrated webcam & microphone  

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  • Hi Anatnakhti,

    Thanks for the advice below, I'm having the exact same problem, I've gone through your points until when I click on the orange button by the record tab in Webcam Central the Microphone Array does not appear... only Microphone/Line in and Rec. Playback. Not sure why this is..... any ideas?

  • I am sorry this is happening to you too. It's so frustrating and I am angry that Dell can't even fix this!  I still have sound for recording but my cam will not start up. The only way I can get it to turn on is by putting my flash drive into the side USB port after I have opened up the Webcam Central App. Is your cam working except for the audio? If not I would try the USB flash drive trick and then maybe try to change the Microphone setting. I have no idea why yours doesn't give you the same option as mine especially since you were able to follow my steps up until that point. Isn't it just ridiculous we have to do all this in the first place? Maybe you are missing the driver for your audio device or need to upgrade it? Mine is an Intel High Definition Audio 2.0 that is being used by the microphone to have sound in the cam. I am guessing you have the same laptop as me so it should be the same. I hope you can get this fixed or maybe someone else can offer advice that will solve this for you.

  • Anatnakhti, Thanks so much for the info. I was experiencing the same problem. Luckily, the tips you provided worked perfectly and now I'm having a blast with it!...Thanks again!Big Smile

  • Anatnakhti,

    I save tips that folks like you post and then pass them on later to others with a similar problem. I was just getting ready to save the tips you left last month when I noticed that you wrote

    "Maybe you are missing the driver for your audio device or need to upgrade it? Mine is an Intel High Definition Audio 2.0 that is being used by the microphone to have sound in the cam."

    This suggests to me that you are using the generic HD audio driver in Vista and not the IDT HD audio driver that most people with an Inspiron 1545 would have installed. I wonder if the changes you made to the settings were necessary because the default settings were meant for the IDT driver? That could also explain why the other posted (hayleyhk) got different results from yours.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Jim,

    I'm honestly not sure about all of that. The IDT audio driver was in use before and would not work in the cam or mic. Once I switched my settings as I described .. things began to work. If you know more about this .. please let me know.  Yes .. the IDT driver was the original setting .. because that is what was default in the cam and mic before I changed the setting. The reason I had to go through what I did was because the IDT driver was not working with the cam or mic. I originally had the IDT driver and whatever driver I am using now. Once I switched to the driver I am using now .. everything worked. I have no idea why .. or why nothing would work with the original IDT driver. I have no idea why I had two drivers in the first place .. ??

  • Anatnakhti
    I have no idea why I had two drivers in the first place .. ??

    The IDT driver files come pre-installed on the computer. Vista always defers to them and loads the IDT driver when booting up even if the driver has been previously "uninstalled". But if the IDT driver files are deleted from the hard drive then Vista will install its generic Intel HD driver when booting up. To make it more confusing, there is another Intel driver for "Audio device on high definition audio bus" on models with Intel graphics. That driver is solely for handling audio when using an HDMI connection to a TV.

    I don't know much about this which is why I pass along tips such as yours (I always try to give credit to the poster). I might say that I "think" it is for when the Intel driver driver is loaded, just in case that matters. By the way thank you for sharing the tips.

    Jim Coates -- 12 year active forum member

  • Jim,

    Thank you for your reply .. I don't know much about this either .. but what you wrote is interesting. I wonder if I should try to reinstall the IDT driver. I have noticed a few odd things about sound quality and I am wondering if maybe having the IDT driver is the best option? I don't even know. I'll look into it I guess.

    Yes .. it's definitely a good idea to mention what you suspect is going on .. because it makes sense to me .. and any added info could be helpful. Please post my tip along to anyone freely .. if it helps someone then I'm happy :)

  • i have dell inspiron 1545, 32 Windows 8 

    i want help for setup integrated webcam & microphone  

  • webcam central wasnt made for windows 8. seen lots of ppl struggling with it. so i didnt install it after all.

    i use skype jsut fine and the basic program that comes with win8. which i dont care for. but good for a quick pic.

    that being said, i use Microsoft Movie Maker, for making vids and what not. I think I had to download it from MS site. but it works pretty good for making vids and stuff and got the options available that come in handy.

    u can also make a quick vid for a friend or whatever and it will save it for u easily. after u make the vid, and it saves it, u can just skip "saving Movie option and use the vid u made. very easy to use. not the greatest, but it does work. 

    i dont know coz i never used the webcam central, but u might have to uninstall that first and get back to ur original drivers then try the movie maker

    jsut a option folks. simple can be better sometimes