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Please help. Internal HDD with error code: 1000-0141


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Please help. Internal HDD with error code: 1000-0141

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I just recently ran into a laptop problem that I am unable to diagnose. I was wondering if I might be able to get your opinion/insight on what might be causing the issue. I know that normally it is difficult to diagnose an issue, but the summary below (I hope) will help with this.

On December 2nd, my laptop (Dell 6000) started having issues at Startup. I get this black screen that says:

"Internal HDD Hard Error! Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."

Pressing F2 revealed that the hard drive was not being recognized by the computer. In addition, I can't hear the hard drive spin or the sounds that lets you know it is running. The hard drive light (upper right corner) on the keyboard doesn't light up either to let you know when it is operating.

After turning on/off the laptop that night about 100 times, I was able to get it to boot up just long enough to run a virus scan, malware scan, and pc check. All tests came up without any problems. I then backed up everything onto an external hard drive without any problems. As soon as my back up finished, the screen went black again and the same message as above shows.

The next day (December 3rd), I took my hard drive out and put it in my friend's Dell 6000 computer and the hard drive worked just fine. When I took his hard drive and put it in my computer, I got the same error message as above, with no hard drive sounds or lights present.

Maybe the hard drive/motherboard is toast or it could be a mechanical issue/loose connection with the computer and not the hard drive?

Although, who am I to talk? I'm just a fireman, not a computer expert.

A few days later, I ran the Dell Diagnostics and Drivers cd. Everything passed except for the Internal HDD with error code: 1000-0141

I did a little google research and my error code problem (1000-0141) is shared by many. I went to Fry's to buy a new Western Digital ATA 160GB hard drive along with a new watch battery, the kind that are found in your typical car remote control. I read several times that changing out that battery (located under the keyboard) may be the culprit.

1.When I got home, I ran the Dell Drivers and Diagnostics cd: It found no problems.

2. When I changed out the CR 2032 battery: All it did was force me to reset the internal clock to the current date and time.

3. When I installed the new hard drive: Nothing. The drive light in the upper right corner would not light and when running BIOS, the hard drive isn't even recognized and the black screen with the words of Internal HDD error, press F1, F2 to run diagnostics.

I have been trying to figure out the whole chkdsk commands, but so far nothing is coming up as helpful.

It is so discouraging because to date this laptop has been perfect and without any scratches/damage whatsoever.

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to try and help me out. I hope you all have a great New Year's holiday.

Justin D. Mitchell
Seattle Fire Department
Firefighter/MERT, Engine 5 (C-shift)
Local 27, IAFF AFL-CIO

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  • Go into your BIOS and change the bootup sequence to have it boot to CD first.

    Then you'll need your XP CD to begin re-install of Windows.

    my Dells:
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    Precision M6300 - Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  • On this model you must transfer the blade adapter from the back of the original drive to the new one.  Pull the connector off the original drive and place it in the same orientation over the pins on the new drive.  Be careful - the pins are flimsy and easily bent.

    Without the adapter, the drive is not connected to the mainboard, which is why you're not seeing it.