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Microphone for dell Inspiron 1521 (both built in & external) not working


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Microphone for dell Inspiron 1521 (both built in & external) not working

  • I have had the subject laptop for about 2 years, but never attempted to use the microphone until recently.  Eg, using Skype, camera portion works OK, but person to whom I am communicating can not hear me. 

    Laptop included built-in camera & Mic, & uses Vista operating system.

    As the built-in Mic did not work, I obtained a plug-in mic & got similar results.

    Settings & observations are as follows:

    @ Control panel/Speech Rec. Icon/Audio devices/Recording tab/Properties:

         @ general tab - Controller info: Microsoft Hi Def audio device

              @ properties:- Device type sound/vidio/game controller

                                       - Mfr: Microsoft

                                      - Location: Location 0- Internal hi def audio device

                                     - Status: working properly

              @ Level tab: - Mic = 100

                                    - Mic boost = +30 DB

              @ Advanced tab: - Default format = 2 channel 16 bit 44100 hz (cd quality)

                                             - Exclusive mode  Checked allow applications to take control

                                                                              Checked give exclusive mode application priority

    If any of above mentioned info appears incorrectly set, or if any additional info is required to allow one to draw a conclusion, please advise.

    I brought this laptop to my local laptop technician & he can provide no advice on how to make the microphone work.

    Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

    Clem C

  • I have the same problem. I have not been able to figure out how to get my built in microphone working for years. Please HELP!

  • Here are a couple of possibilities.First, whenever testing any mic with the computer use a recording program such as Windows Sound Recorder to test the mic. If you are able to record any signal in the program then the fault is with Skype rather than the mic. Make sure that the mic is selected as the source on the recording tab.

    Next make sure that that the Sigmatel HD audio driver is installed. Vista has its own HD audio and the audio will work with it but not all of the audio functions will work such as the mics.

    Even if the Sigmatel driver is there, make sure that it is the current version. The version when that laptop was originally put on the market did not work as well with mics as the current one.

    Finally, take a look at What is the Integrated Webcam and Digital Array Microphone. Skip over all of the info at the beginning. At the bottom of that page there is a link to a troubleshooting wizard named "Problem with the Integrated Web Camers" Wizard ID 297119. You will be asked to submit the model name of your computer and its operating system, then you can select the type of problem you are having, which is "The microphone is not working". This wizard is a good place to start diagnosing your problem and it will walk you through all of the steps to configure the camera & mic array. It will show you how to run the Dell Diagnostics tests on the webcam to find out if the hardware has failed and where to get help if it has. It has the details of the several pieces of software to reinstall if the hardware is okay.

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