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Vostro 1015 HD Audio problem


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Vostro 1015 HD Audio problem

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Hello All,

I bought Vostro 1015 and installed Win XP SP3 on it. Conexant HD Audio drivers are from DELL driver page. Now I have strange problem with headphone.

If I connect headphone there are balance of channels in Volume Control (excl MAster) adjusting only left ear, right ear is quiet and balance does not affect on it. But, if I reconnect headphone during sounding all working good. But if I pause sound and restart playing problem is return.

Vostro has one speaker (mono). I am not sure but I think that driver does not switching "internal balance configuration" from mono to stereo when headphone connected.

There are las drivers and last updates installed and reinstalled.

How to repair?

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  • I have exactly the same problem - Vostro 1015, Win XP, SP3, Audio driver from Dell.

    If I plug in the headphones and then play music, only the left ear plays normaly. I have to reconnect the jack to have normal sound from both headphones. The problem appears also with stereo speakers. To play sound from both speakers first I have to play music and then plug in the green jack. When the music stops, the problem returns, the music, the clicks in the windows and videoclips sound only from the left speaker.

    And here is something strange for me. My headphones are combined with microphone, it has separate pink jack. I have mentioned above if I plug in the green jack and play music only the left ear plays good. But if I plug in the pink jack in the microphone way in, the sounds become normal from both ears. Then I can plug out the pink jack (the microphone) and the sound remains normal. The microphone way in and the headphones way out are separate devices, I can't understand how is possible to have effect each to another?

    It is disappointing, to plug in and plug out the jack every time I want to hear sound. I use the laptop in my work as masseur to play music during therapy and that plug in, plug out is very embarrassing.

    Please help! Does anyone have an idea where is the problem? Is it the audio driver or it is mechanical problem with the sound blaster or the microphone and headphones way in? What I should do - go to change the sound blaster or software?

    Thank you in advance!