I have a dell studio xps 1640. When I connect it to the tv via hdmi, I do not get any sound. I have worked on this several hours myself then handed it over to tech support both by phone and another by chat and neither did anything I hadn't already tried myself. So far, reinstalled drivers. Restarted computer after plugging hdmi in. And also made sure that the hdmi was default playback device. Everything appears to be normal on computer and tv. Cable is fine. I have gotten sound to play 2 times through test of dolby digital under supported formats on the hdmi menu. However that is the only sound ever played to the tv and it doesnt work now. When I try to play a song in windows media player with hdmi plugged in, I get an x by the song and a popup that says it cannot play and lists possible reasons like use by another program etc that aren't the case. Sound is fine without hdmi. So far, tech support doesn't know and wants to put it on my tv or cable which definitely isn't the case. At one point, they even suggested I needed external speakers attached to the tv to play the sound...and I do and they are working fine. They claimed that they would call me back and haven't yet so I kinda doubt it. This is a replacement comp for another computer with a motherboard issue and one of them stated that this may be the issue with this one as well and they have yet to carry over my original warranty so they were reluctant to help me with the problem in the first place. They haven't even considered another problem of the computer not recognizing disks or usb until its restarted. And claim that may have to be fixed with a factory settings restore which isn't cool. Any help is highly appreciated!! Thanks!!


P.S. Somebody mentioned something about a PCI bus in the last thread (but I did not get to read any posts after my last one)...but as far as I could tell the driver is not marked unknown. Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000