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D630 Laptop Touchpad and Mouse Problem


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D630 Laptop Touchpad and Mouse Problem

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I'm having a terrible problem with my D630.  For quite some time, the touchpad has become unresponsive and has gone to the edge of the screen, from which it cannot be retrieved.  This has become worse and worse lately to where I can barely use the computer.  I started using a USB mouse, and now it is doing the same thing!  I've reloaded drivers and tried multiple mice.  They work for a while then start doing the same thing.  Has anyone else experience such problems and does anyone have any idea other than spending three hours talking to Tech Support?

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  • I'm afraid we're seeing the exact same problem on one of our laptops.  The mouse pointer seems to float beyond the edge of the screen, and it's very difficult to regain control of it.  Adding a USB mouse only seems to help for awhile.  Sometimes, we can regain control if we hit the Windows button, but the problem returns quite quickly.  At this point, the machine is almost unuseable...

    I did notice that Control Panel, Mouse is not showing any tabs for the Touchpad.  Should I see a tab?  I would have expected to see an option to Enable/Disable the Touchpad from here...

  • There is some touchpad software that you may not have loaded.  I can see the Touchpad via the Control Panel.  Even after changing out my keyboard, I still had trouble with the touchpad.  The only thing that seemed to work was to disable the pointer via the touchpad software.  If you pull up the software list for your computer, from the Dell support site, you'll probably see a touchpad program (not sure what model you might have).  Download it and try disabling the pointer stick.  I hope that works for you.  Mine still goes a little crazy sometimes, but it's OK about 98% of the time. 

     I will never buy another extended warranty from Dell.  I would rather buy a cheaper computer with a one-year warranty and then just throw it away when it has a hardware program than waste my time and money on their warranty service.  Even with "next day service", it has taken me weeks to get two hardware problems addressed, and I had to figure out this touchpad issue myself.

    Good luck!

  • I recently upgraded to windows 7 64bit and missing the touchpad utility software to be able to use the right and bottom side of the touchpad as mousewheel. Does anyone know if other drivers are available for this?