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What is Independent R.T.C headphones option in Studio XPS 13?

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Could someone please tell me what is the R.T.C headphone option and how can I use it?

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  • I just figured this one out for the Helpdesk...

    Real Time Communication (R.T.C.) refers to support for an axillary audio channel that allows output of two audio streams, simultaneously. If you plug headphones or external speaker(s) into the R.T.C. jack (further from mic jack) and play music. At the same time, you can make a VoIP call using the mic and primary headset jacks (or a bluetooth headset) without interrupting the music being output on the R.T.C. channel.

    Here's a link to a data sheet for IDT's STAC9220 CODECs which mentions RTC support. Not much, but enough for me to figure the rest out for myself.