idt audio driver crashing


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idt audio driver crashing

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I've been  experiencing the infamous crackling popping audio that almost everyone is having problems with. I've tried everything and can't resolve the problem.

In an effort to try and fix it I recently downloaded the latest IDT audio driver for my computer. The only problem is that it keeps crashing. Does anyone know why this may be happening.

I have a dell studio 1737 with vista 64 bit.

The driver I am referring to is the IDT 92HD73C1 released on March 25 2009 version, A14


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  • I had this problem too.

    There is an fix available that is maybe suitable for you. Just remove the IDT Driver in the device manager and ensure that the driver are deleted as well. After restarting windows the standard vista drivers will be installed.

    This worked for me an and icreased the max volume and the sound qualitty.