Dell Inspiron 1501 Sound problems.


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Dell Inspiron 1501 Sound problems.

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In the last couple of days, I have been having a problem with the speakers on my laptop. When I go to youtube, or any online video, the audio does not work. Some of the audio from programs and games I have on my laptop do not work. There is only one game that sound DOES work on for me, and that would be Guild Wars. The sound from it works perfectly, even if the sound for anything else does not. When I go control panel, and the sounds,speech and audio devices tab, and click on "Sounds and Devices", I can't change anything, because the sliders and mute buttons are all greyed out, as seen in the picture I've included:

IT won't let me change anything, and it seems like It is showing I do not have any speakers installed on my laptop. I haven't had any changes to my laptop, however, and I haven't deleted/removed the program for my speakers.  I greatly appreciate any help with resolving this problem, as I would like to have my audio restored to normal conditions.

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